Communities and Local Governments

Solar is growing in New York. Customers include residents, schools, municipalities, businesses, nonprofit organizations, multifamily buildings, and others with buildings connected to the electric grid in New York State. NY-Sun works to make solar easier and more affordable through community-driven initiatives:

Shared Solar

Interested in solar, but unable to get it on your own? Shared Solar (also referred to as community distributed generation, or CDG) provides opportunities for renters, homeowners, low-income residents, schools and businesses to join together to set up shared solar. This program enables those who cannot put solar panels on their properties to receive a share of the solar production from off-site panels as a credit on their monthly utility bill.

Solarize Your Community

Solarize campaigns are locally organized community outreach efforts aimed at homes and businesses that want to install solar panels on their property. By bringing together groups of potential customers, Solarize campaigns can help communities get more competitive pricing from solar companies, making solar more accessible and affordable.

Affordable Solar

Affordable Solar expands access to solar energy for low- to –moderate income households across New York through financial support and assistance to communities.

Solar for Schools (K-Solar)

K-Solar provides New York State school districts, at no cost or obligation, with the tools and expertise to bring solar energy to their facilities and reduce their energy costs.

PV Training for Local Government Officials

NY-Sun offers training via the PV Trainers Network to help local governments and jurisdictions identify opportunities, mitigate barriers, and create programs that drive the development of PV markets through education, training, and one-on-one technical assistance. Find more local government resources.