Opportunities Beyond MPP

Comfortable, welcoming buildings often use less energy than other buildings. Energy efficiency can increase the value of your building and the quality of life for your residents.

How you Benefit

Increasing the energy performance of a building can unlock a range of benefits, including:

  • Savings – Lower your operating costs and free up capital to use elsewhere
  • Comfort – Improve tenant satisfaction with more consistent, comfortable temperatures
  • Value – Increase the value and overall aesthetics of your property
  • Peace of Mind – Avoid unexpected maintenance issues and reduce tenant complaints

Energy-Saving Opportunities

There are several NYSERDA programs that can help you reduce the cost of building energy improvements and start saving:

Multifamily building owners can access help through NYSERDA to reduce the cost of energy improvements:

  • Building Operations & Performance Assessments – Conduct an objective, site-specific, and targeted study on combined heat and power, energy storage, and clean heating and cooling systems for multifamily buildings.
  • Clean Heating and Cooling – Provide more comfortable and consistent temperatures for your tenants and lower your utility bills with clean heating and cooling technologies.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations – Install charging stations at your property to help attract and retain tenants.
  • Energy Management Systems – Discover the next generation of building technologies—learn how your building is performing in real-time, detect equipment faults, and uncover opportunities to optimize your energy use.
  • Energy Storage – Use energy storage technologies to create a continuous, reliable supply of energy for your building.
  • Solar – Capitalize on financial opportunities to install or participate in a solar project to reduce your electricity bills and contribute to a cleaner community.
  • Small Wind Turbine – Lower operating costs through reduced electricity bills and contribute to a healthier community by installing small wind turbines.

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