ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an ENERGY STAR® Certified Home?

A: ENERGY STAR Certified Homes can be free-standing homes, town homes, and even apartments within low-rise residential buildings which have been designed and constructed to a standard higher than the Energy Conservation Construction Code requires. They are designed to use less energy than traditional homes or apartments while maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures.

Q: Why should building an ENERGY STAR Certified Home be important to me?

A: ENERGY STAR Certified Homes provide superior comfort and safety to your family and deliver operational savings year after year.

In addition, ENERGY STAR Certified Homes can be built to any size, style, or budget, which puts the opportunity to enjoy these benefits within reach.

Q: Will an ENERGY STAR Certified Home cost more than a conventional home?

A: They generally cost one to three percent more than a standard home, but because they are designed to be more energy efficient, reduced utility bills and maintenance costs can lead to lower ownership costs each year, which adds up to substantial savings over the life of the home.

Q: How can I find an ENERGY STAR Certified Home builder?

A: To locate a builder near you, refer to our Resource Locator Map Link opens in new window - close new window to return to this page.