Gut Rehabilitation

Residential gut rehabilitation may involve substantial renovation of an existing home or multifamily residential building, or might involve re-use of an existing building or space and conversion to use as homes. Technical support is available for builders through participating Home Energy Raters, their Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) Accredited Provider, and NYSERDA.

A builder or developer may prequalify their gut rehabilitation projects of single family homes or multifamily buildings through NYSERDA as ENERGY STAR® Certified projects or through the program's alternative New York ENERGY $mart designation. Builders or Developers of these projects can access the same services and incentives as new construction projects, through NYSERDA’s Low-rise Residential New Construction Funding Opportunity or the Multifamily New Construction Program. Information specific to single-family and low-rise residential gut rehabilitation projects and historic buildings is detailed in the Low-rise Performance Supplement  [PDF].

For single family or low-rise residential projects: Become or find a qualified builder.

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