Explore Energy Storage

Energy storage can benefit businesses and homeowners in several ways.

Homeowners that pair energy storage with solar projects can collect and save the excess energy solar panels generate during the day. When pairing these two technologies, you can access the backup power during a grid outage to power critical functions like heat, refrigeration, and lighting without the need for a backup generator.

For businesses and commercial facilities, energy storage can unlock bill savings, particularly for demand-based delivery charges and allow you to be paid by the electric utility for demand response. It can also integrate and maximize the value of on-site generation, including solar panels or combined heat and power systems. Storage may also provide resiliency and power quality benefits to your facility.


  • Reduce energy costs by using stored energy during more expensive peak times
  • Increase your resiliency by reducing the impact of outages
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner and healthier community, especially when pairing storage with on-site renewable energy

Getting Started

Energy storage systems come in many different shapes and sizes and can offer multiple benefits. To get started you can: