Eligible Project Types

Opportunity Assessment

Projects that identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency and evaluate their expected cost, financial returns (payback, IRR), and additional benefits such as improved comfort, air quality, or wellness of the space. The product is a clear, concise report with all the information you need to make decisions on whether, and how, to move forward.

Examples of projects include:

For tenants:

  • Engage a consultant during the site selection process to evaluate spaces for energy efficiency potential
  • Have consultants work with the design team to evaluate sustainable design options – this is where tenants will see the most benefit
  • Conduct energy audits of existing spaces that identify potential improvements and include projected financial returns, incremental costs and savings
  • Setting energy performance targets and carbon reduction goals
  • Do a third party/peer review of construction or renovation plans to pinpoint efficiency improvements
  • Energy modeling for leased spaces pursuing LEED ID+C Interior Design and Construction

For landlords:

  • Develop design guidelines, recommendations, and standards for new tenants

Planning Assistance

Once a tenant decides to move forward with an energy efficiency project, consultants can help ensure the project is completed as intended and that it generates savings accordingly. Examples of activities covered include:

  • Support tenants and landlords execute energy efficiency plans during a build-outs, renovations, and throughout occupancy.
  • Provide design assistance and ensure energy efficiency measure are installed correctly
  • Develop occupancy plans and educate employees and tenants on the optimal use of their space to minimize energy consumption.

Other Projects

If you have a project idea, contact us. We are interested in alternate approaches that improve energy efficiency in leased spaces. We will consider technical assistance projects that seek to identify and estimate energy savings, and meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Drive deeper energy savings in leased commercial tenant spaces.
  • Demonstrate the value of tenant-focused energy conservation measures or technologies.
  • Support, enable and facilitate the tenant engagement process.
  • Foster collaboration between landlords and tenants.

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