Qualified Consultants

Tenants and landlords may work with their own consultant or hire one of our qualified companies:

Other qualified consultants

The following consultants are also eligible to participate in the program and may submit projects.

  • FlexTech Consultants approved under RFP 3628.
  • Primary Energy Consultants approved under PON 3609.

Want to become a qualified consultant?

Your company must have at least three years of energy efficiency experience. The qualifications criteria can be found in the program guidance document, Section III-Eligibility:

  • All required documentation should be sent to commercialprograms@nyserda.ny.gov before submitting your first application to the program
  • Allow 15 days for NYSERDA to review your documents and issue a response

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If you have questions or want to learn more, email us at commercialprograms@nyserda.ny.gov