How tenants select, design, build, and operate their leased space can make a big difference in their energy usage and operating costs over the life of the lease. Consultants can deliver added value by helping clients evaluate energy efficiency measures and their financial implications at all stages of the leasing cycle; however, working with a tenant during the planning and selection stages is proven to yield the best results.

How can NYSERDA help?

NYSERDA provides incentives to cover the professional service fees of consultants working with tenants and landlords in improving leased interior space by uncovering energy efficiency opportunities through thoughtful design, proactive maintenance and efficient operations.

We can help you assess opportunities, develop a portfolio strategy, and plan other energy-reduction initiatives among other things.

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What kind of projects can I submit?

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How to become a qualified consultant?

Your company must have at least five years of energy efficiency experience and meet minimum qualifications criteria. The qualifications criteria can be found in the program guidance document , Section III-Eligibility. All required documentation should be sent to before submitting your first application to the program.

FlexTech Consultants approved under RFP 3628 and Primary Energy Consultants approved under PON 3609 are qualified and can submit applications.

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NYSERDA is interested in innovative approaches to integrating energy efficiency in commercial tenant spaces. If you manage a portfolio or have ideas for energy efficiency projects in tenant spaces, contact us to discuss how we can support you.

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