RES Tier 1 Solicitations
for Long-term Contracts

NYSERDA will issue an annual request for proposals (RFP) for Tier 1 RECs under long-term agreements. If NYSERDA does not meet the designated target of RECs, a second RFP will be issued in the same year.

NYSERDA anticipates the next RES RFP to be released in April 2018, with a second solicitation in November 2018, if needed.

In preparation for the next RFP, renewable generators and developers are encouraged to obtain Tier 1 certification through NYGATS to participate in the next RES procurement. You can learn more about NYGATS at NYSERDA’s NYGATS information page.

2018 RES Request for Proposals

Solicitation Name Anticipated Release Anticipated Target
RESRFP18-1 April 2018 1,500,000 MWh
RESRFP18-2 (if needed) November 2018 Dependent on RESRFP18-1