Integrated Energy Data Resources (IEDR)

New York is transforming its electricity system into one that is cleaner, more resilient, and more affordable. Effective access to useful energy data will play a critical role in this transformation. An Integrated Energy Data Resource (IEDR) will be created to provide a solution to data access needs.

What is an Integrated Energy Data Resource (IEDR)?

One statewide data platform that will securely collect, integrate, and provide useful access to a large and diverse set of energy-related information.

The IEDR will enable effective access to useful energy-related information acquired from the State’s energy utilities and other sources in a cost efficient and expeditious manner.

NYSERDA is leading the development of the IEDR with a strong focus on stakeholder engagement to ensure interested parties will be able to access and analyze the elements of the State’s energy system and customer information that are most useful to them.

Stakeholder Engagement

Meaningful stakeholder participation is essential to the success of the IEDR initiative. An IEDR Advisory Group will be convened to enable stakeholder groups to provide timely informed commentary and guidance to the program team. Upcoming opportunities for stakeholder engagement will be posted to this site as they are announced.

Program Documents and Resources

Documentation related to the Program is available below. Additionally, the IEDR is part of the New York State Public Service Commission Case 20-M-0082: Proceeding on Motion of the Commission Regarding Strategic Use of Energy Related Data, available at the Department of Public Service’s websiteLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page..

Have Questions?

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