Clean Energy Action Plan - Commercial, Industrial, or Multifamily Properties

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Enhanced NYSERDA offerings are available to customers affected by a natural gas constraint. This includes Con Edison customers in Southern Westchester County and NYSEG customers in the town of Lansing, NY that currently pay into the electric System Benefits Charge.

In addition to the enhanced offerings NYSERDA also has traditional programs for Commercial and Industrial buildings, and Multifamily buildings.

Clean Heating and Cooling Screenings for Large Buildings

Free screenings to assess the potential of ground source and air source heat pumps, as well as variable refrigerant flow technologies to provide heating and cooling solutions

Additional Technical and Financial Support for New Construction or Gut Rehab Projects

NYSERDA has several programs and competitions to provide financial support to developers. These programs support design, development of superior building envelopes, emission-free heating and cooling and smart building controls.

Program Incentives

Project caps in the gas constrained area have been raised as follows:

  • Commercial buildings up to $600,000 - funding is calculated by modeled carbon emission savings of the project
  • Multifamily buildings up to $700,000 for low- to moderate-income buildings or $600,000 for market rate buildings - funding is calculated by the number of dwelling units

These grants are first come, first served.


  • Buildings of Excellence can provide up to $1 million for low emission, highly efficient multifamily buildings and will be awarded in addition to program grants.
  • Coming Soon! Net Zero Energy for Economic Development provides standalone competitively awarded grants of $1 million for zero carbon development, and up to $5 million for a community or campus-based zero carbon emission development.

Additional Support for Existing Natural Gas Customers

Support is available to help customers reduce their energy use, learn about clean energy technologies, and plan and design efficiency and electrification projects.


Financial support in the form of cost share is available for energy studies and implementation assistance. Use the study to identify and evaluate opportunities to reduce energy costs and incorporate clean energy into capital planning. Once the study is complete, leverage cost shared implementation assistance for the following activities:

  • Preparation of bid documents for the purchase and installation of equipment
  • Preparation for requests for proposals (RFPs) and other procurement processes
  • Objective review of Energy Service Company (ESCO) proposals and energy performance contracts
  • Identification of eligible incentives and financing options

The following FlexTech Consultants have been selected to provide these services:

Real Time Energy Management
Financial support for the hardware, software, and consulting services used to gain visibility into the operation of a building's energy systems. Data is gathered in real time for analysis for improved building performance, increased occupant comfort, and greater energy efficiency.

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