Renewable Heat NY Pellet Stove Contractors

To become a qualified pellet stove installation contractor under this program, you must apply and be approved. Examples of installation contractors that can apply include hearth stores, equipment installers, and other companies.

Only approved Participating Contractors can offer incentives available through the Renewable Heat NY Residential Pellet Stove Incentive Program. The Participating Contractor is responsible for managing the incentive and installation process for each pellet stove installation. Although the Participating Contractor may hire a Certified Installer to perform each installation, the Participating Contractor is expected to manage the Certified Installer toward completion of that installation.

How to Apply to be a Participating Contractor

The following steps summarize this process. Complete details are available in the Program Manual [PDF].

  1. Complete and electronically sign Online Participating Contractor Application. A legal company representative must sign the Participating Contractor Application. 
  2. Participating Contractors agree to abide by the following documents:

What to Expect After Submitting a Participating Contractor Application

The final approval process may take up to 30 days. Approved contractors will receive an automated email from the Contractor Portal requesting them to sign in and create a password. NYSERDA reserves the right to refuse approval of a Participating Contractor based on publicly available information regarding historic business practices, such as the Better Business Bureau ratings.

How Participating Contractors Apply for Project Incentives for Homeowners

Complete details are available in the Program Manual [PDF]. The following steps summarize the Project Application, installation, and completion process. The Participating Contractor must:

  1. Determine if the Homeowner meets both of the following qualifications: 
    • Installing a pellet stove in his or her primary residence 
    • Is not currently using natural gas
  2. Determine the incentive amount that the Homeowner would qualify for:
    • $1,500 if recycling an existing, operational wood or pellet stove or fireplace insert in their home
    • $2,000 if meet income qualification (see Program Manual for details)
    • $2,500 if meet both a and b
  3. Find a Certified Installer.
  4. Visit the home with the Certified Installer to determine the appropriate replacement stove and clarify any additional equipment installation costs
  5. Help the Homeowner with any financing considerations, and complete and submit the Project Application with the Homeowner
  6. Get project application approval from NYSERDA and get project reservation number.
  7. Sign a contract with the Homeowner and schedule installation with the Certified Installer.
  8. Certified Installer completes the installation of the pellet stove, and then the stove is recycled, as appropriate.
  9. Certified Installer and Homeowner must sign the Certificate of Completion
  10. Complete and submit the Project Completion Package
  11. Receive incentive check after approval of Completion Package

How to Find a Certified Pellet Stove Installer

Consult any of the following organizations to find professionals with the following certifications:

How to Apply to be a Participating Contractor by Mail

  1. Download the following form and review the information from the Forms and Information for Renewable Heat NY Pellet Stove Contractors page:
    1. Participating Contractor Application [PDF]
    2. Program Manual [PDF]
    3. Participation Agreement [PDF]
  2. Complete and sign the application as appropriate. A legal company representative must sign the Participating Contractor Application.
  3. Mail to:

    ATTN: Renewable Heat NY – Pellet Stove
    17 Columbia Circle
    Albany, NY 12203-6399