Program Offerings for Builders of New York ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes

Builders of New York ENERGY STAR Certified Homes receive access to a variety of program support and incentives. We’ll provide the resources to assist you with every phase of planning, construction, performance testing and marketing outreach.

Financial Incentives

Becoming a New York ENERGY STAR Certified Homes builder is a rewarding experience. In addition to helping you build a better product, it can also add to your earning potential through financial incentives. As a program participant, you may qualify to earn:

  • Tiered incentives from $2,000 to $8,000 per unit
  • Additional $1,000 for Model or Display Homes
  • First plan review and rating incentive of $1,000
  • Low-to-moderate income homebuyer incentive
  • Various other federal tax incentives

For a complete list of financial incentives available through the Low-rise Residential New Construction Program, please refer to Attachment A of Program Opportunity Notice (PON) 2309.

Technical Assistance

Home Energy Raters provide energy-efficiency strategies and performance testing for new residential construction projects. Home Energy Raters play an integral part in the ENERGY STAR process. You can count on your Rater to provide:

  • Individualized plan reviews and technical advice
  • Customized energy rating certificates, including an estimate of each homes' annual utility bills
  • On-site building performance testing to evaluate home energy performance, air leakage, and health and safety issues

Builders of New York ENERGY STAR Certified Homes must hire HVAC contractors which are affiliated with an EPA HVAC Quality Installation Training and Oversight organization (H-QUITO). NYSERDA is recognized by the EPA as an eligible H-QUITO. HVAC Contractors may choose to become affiliated with NYSERDA or an alternative organization to fulfill EPA’s H-QUITO requirements. A list of alternative H-QUITO organizations that are recognized by the EPA and therefore eligible in New York State may be viewed under Step #5 in the How to Become a New York ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Builder Section.

Marketing and Sales Support

Gain recognition as a quality builder and show potential homeowners why you are the right choice for the job. Educate and enlighten them about the energy-saving features and benefits of New York ENERGY STAR Certified Homes. We’ll give you the resources to help. These resources include:

  • Program advertising
  • Special events, public relations support, and media outreach
  • Co-operative advertising funds of up to $100,000
  • Model Home Branding Kits, including educational displays
  • Customer education and sales tools, and marketing training

Get Advice

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