Home Energy Ratings

Home energy ratings are being used across the country to help homeowners make informed decisions about their homes. In New York, NYSERDA is piloting home energy ratings in six different communities to encourage homeowners to undertake energy efficiency improvements. Nearly 60% of home buyers are considering a home that needs renovating. Currently, NYSERDA is looking for home inspectors and home energy contractors in each community listed below to apply to participate in the pilot.

For Home Inspectors: When delivered as part of a pre-purchase inspection, a home energy rating can provide a roadmap to energy efficiency opportunities. As the homebuyer becomes the homeowner, the home energy rating supports remodeling decisions that include improving the energy efficiency of the home.

For Home Energy Contractors: The home energy rating can be an effective addition to the sales process to illustrate current and potential future performance of the home. 

How it Works

Home Energy Ratings are similar to a Miles Per Gallon rating on a car, providing easy-to-understand visual reports that give the homebuyer insight into how a home performs in areas like insulation, air sealing, heating & cooling efficiency, and hot water heating. They provide easy-to-understand visuals to understand current performance, what actions a homeowner can take, and potential future performance.

NYSERDA is piloting the use of two Home Energy Rating systems:

  • Pearl Home Certification (Pilot in Monroe County, Staten Island, Tompkins County):
    • Pearl’s building science-based certification system helps homeowners understand how their home performs and gives them guidance on how to make it perform better
  • The Department of Energy’s Home Energy Score (Pilot in Broome County, Erie County, Queens):
    • Home Energy Score’s report is comprised of three parts: the Score itself, home features and their estimated energy use, and recommendations for how to improve the home’s score

Funding is available to cover training as well as delivery of ratings.

How to Learn More and Apply

Look at the Home Energy Rating Provider funding pageLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. to learn more about this opportunity. You can also read the Home Inspector Guides for Pearl and Home Energy Score at the links below:

Home Energy Score Inspector Information Guide [PDF]

Home Energy Score Contractor Information Guide [PDF]

Pearl Home Inspector Information Guide [PDF]

Pearl Contractor Information Guide [PDF]

You can email questions to us at HomeScore@nyserda.ny.gov.