Partners and Investors

76West Clean Energy Competition

Attracts entrepreneurs and resources from around the globe to build clean energy businesses and create jobs in the 11 counties that make up New York State's Southern Tier Region.

Advanced Buildings Program

Develops energy-efficient, building-related technology, including next-generation HVAC and smart building technologies, and business models for residential, multifamily, and commercial buildings.

Advanced Clean Energy (ACE) Exploratory Research Program

Supports transformative ideas that fall outside of other NYSERDA funding opportunities. The application process has two parts: NYSERDA must approve an applicant’s concept paper (Part 1) before an applicant can be invited to submit Part 2 of the application.

Clean Energy Workforce Development

Supports a broad range of renewable energy and energy efficiency education and training programs aimed at creating an experienced workforce to support New York State’s growing clean energy economy.

Contractor Delivery Channel - Become a Contractor

Find out if your company can qualify and benefit from delivering NYSERDA programs. NYSERDA works with various partners and contractors to offer solutions that can help reduce energy usage and costs for residents, businesses, institutions, and municipal and nonprofit organizations in New York State. Participation requirements vary by program.

Energy Codes: Training, Support Services and Stretch Codes

NYSERDA provides training and support services to code enforcement officials, design professionals, energy professionals and the construction trades to improve compliance with and enforcement of the Energy Code. In addition, NYSERDA supports energy code advancement by encouraging the voluntary local adoption of a more stringent “stretch” energy code.

Flexible Technical Assistance Program

Offers cost-shared technical services to help businesses operating in New York State make smart energy decisions. A dedicated team of engineers, technology experts, and energy consultants works with customers to create a customized assessment that identifies specific opportunities for reducing energy consumption and costs.

Fuel Cell (Stationary) Program

Stationary fuel cells can be configured to supply power to critical building loads during a failure of the power grid, providing a valuable resiliency benefit to the host site. Certain stationary fuel cells can also recover the byproduct heat from the electricity production process and repurpose it for beneficial use onsite; operating in CHP mode.

Low-rise Residential New Construction: ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes

Supports the construction of energy-efficient New York ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes, offering savings and greater value to homebuyers. Support is offered to participating builders who construct single-family homes that meet the New York ENERGY STAR Certified Homes standard. Income-qualified homebuyers may be eligible for additional support.

Low-Rise Residential New Construction: Multifamily

Supports the construction of energy-efficient dwelling units of any size, style or price range that can be designed and constructed to the standards required of a New York ENERGY STAR® Certified Home, including rental units, townhomes, or condominiums. Support is offered to participating builders who construct single-family homes or multi-unit residential projects that meet the New York ENERGY STAR Certified Homes standard. Income-qualified homebuyers may be eligible for additional support.

Manufacturing Corps (M-Corps) Pilot Program

Helps startups overcome obstacles to manufacturing cleantech products in New York State.

New York Generation Attribute Tracking System (NYGATS)

Records information about electricity generated, imported, and consumed within New York State. It can also issue, track, and manage energy attribute certificates and renewable energy credits (RECs).

NY Green Bank

NY Green Bank is a state-sponsored, specialized financial entity working in partnership with the private sector to increase investments into New York’s clean energy markets, creating a more efficient, reliable and sustainable energy system.

Offshore Wind

Supports offshore wind (OSW) energy as a major source of affordable, renewable power for New York State, especially for the New York City metropolitan area and Long Island. NYSERDA is the lead agency coordinating the offshore wind opportunities in the State.

REV Connect

Brings companies and New York’s electric utilities together to accelerate innovation, adopt new business models and technologies, and advance New York State’s Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) goals.