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P-12 Benchmarking Program


NYSERDA’s Pre-kindergarten through Grade 12 (P-12) Schools Initiative - Benchmarking Program is available to provide up to three years of free energy benchmarking services to eligible schools. Benchmarking is a mechanism to measure, track and assess an individual building’s utility, greenhouse gas, cost and energy metrics over time or comparatively to other similar buildings. The Benchmarking Program will help schools better understand their energy usage and identify opportunities that will lower operating costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while creating healthier and more productive learning environments in schools across New York State.


Establishing a baseline of a building’s energy use may help a school:

  • Identify energy inefficiencies
  • Maximize energy performance
  • Support financial planning and budgeting efforts
  • Inform energy conservation policy and program development
  • Increase stakeholder awareness about energy consumption impacts
  • Gain recognition for environmental efforts

Services Provided at No Cost

There is no cost to participate in the Benchmarking Program. Schools will receive free benchmarking assistance from a NYSERDA consultant who will track the buildings energy performance. In addition, schools will have access to a free benchmarking software tool.

How It Works

Schools’ utility data will be entered in the benchmarking tool and analyzed every six months to determine trends in energy usage, water usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and utility costs. Schools will receive benchmarking reports outlining these trends through metrics, visuals, and graphics to help them understand how their building performs month over month. An optional Operational Assessment is available for schools interested in receiving building-specific energy and cost-saving recommendations.

Schools will have access to the benchmarking tool throughout their participation in the Benchmarking Program. The tool establishes benchmarking scores for each school, which allows schools to compare their energy performance against other participating schools. In addition, the tool is integrated with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® and calculates an ENERGY STAR® score for each participating school.

Who Can Apply

To be eligible for services through this Benchmarking Program, buildings must be publicly or privately-owned P-12 education buildings with all space solely occupied by P-12 students and staff. School-owned auxiliary buildings such as bus garages, maintenance buildings, and field houses are eligible for services when applying with at least one school education building. Buildings occupied by students younger than pre-kindergarten level are ineligible for services. Buildings must be located in New York State and pay into the System Benefits Charge (SBC) on their electric utility bill.

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted to P12Schools@nyserda.ny.gov. Read the Benchmarking Program’s funding opportunity for more information. Schools may request a Benchmarking Consultant to prepare an application on their behalf. Schools must work with the Benchmarking Consultant assigned to their region.

Learn More

The Benchmarking Program is part of NYSERDA’s P-12 Schools Initiative. Visit the P-12 Schools Initiative web page to learn more about the initiative and other programs available to P-12 schools.


Questions about the Benchmarking Program can be emailed to P12Schools@nyserda.ny.gov or you may contact the Benchmarking Consultant assigned to your region directly:

Aliesa Adelman

Laura Giannini