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Net Zero Energy Housing


Build a home that can give you everything except utility bills

NYSERDA offers support to builders of single-family houses and developers of multifamily buildings that are designed to achieve net zero energy performance. Net zero means the home or multifamily project is capable of producing as much energy as it uses during one year. Proven technologies and advanced building practices are combined with performance testing to ensure the home or multifamily building meets this highest standard of energy performance.

Designed for Net Zero Energy Performance

Design for stellar energy performance

To attain net zero energy performance, homes are designed from top to bottom with combinations of the following technologies and energy-saving features:

  • Solar electric (PV) systems
  • Solar thermal systems produce hot water for domestic use and space heating
  • Integrated designs that maximize the benefits of solar heat gains through:
    • Building orientation that takes advantage of the daily and seasonal position of the sun
    • Window and door placement and the use of products such as multi-glazed windows and insulated doors
    • Integrated building features, such as extended eaves or permanently installed awnings to reduce solar heat gain during the summer months
  • Higher performance building elements used than in typical homes or buildings, such as more effectively insulated walls (both above and below ground level), ceilings, and floors
  • Significantly reduced air leakage (drafts) achieved through aggressive air sealing
  • Higher efficiency heating, cooling, and ventilation systems, including ground-source and air-source heat pumps, as well as heat- or energy-recovery ventilation systems
  • Advanced and integrated lighting design, which is designed to take advantage of natural light and includes use of LED technologies
  • High-efficiency appliances and controls

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