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NYSERDA’s Multifamily Performance Program (MPP) has led to real, tangible benefits for affordable multifamily building owners across New York State. From saving on operating costs to increasing tenant comfort, hear what past participants have to say about their experience.

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On each project there’s always something new we learn. Our Solutions Provider brought us this great window flushing detail for rehabs that we now incorporate on every rehab project. With MPP, the incentive is nice but the education is even more valuable.

Duncan Barrett, President, Beacon Communities LLC New York

We hear people say how much better the building runs. It’s a more comfortable building, brought up to current standards. Now it’s good for the long-haul and people can live with good quality. The most surprising part was how smoothly it went.

Bob Sekowski, Co-Executive Director, Empire Housing and Development Corporation

In addition to their specific knowledge of how to optimize energy efficiency measures, our Solutions Partner knows the MPP program, they know the people at NYSERDA. Because of their expertise, it’s not something that we had to become fully expert in.

Charlie Allen, Principal, Evergreen Partners LLC

Our Solutions Provider frankly did all of the work. We review and sign off on what they recommend, but it’s not a burdensome program to participate in from my perspective. MPP has become quite user friendly.

Duncan Barrett, President, Beacon Communities LLC New York

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MPP projects range in building size and span across all areas of New York State, helping building owners receive incentives for making energy-saving upgrades. Click the icons in the map below to view project details and see how your peers have saved with MPP.