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Examples of Energy Upgrades

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There are many ways your building can achieve at least 15% energy savings—from upgrading to more efficient appliances and lighting, to investing in better insulation, to installing low flow showerheads, and more.

The Multifamily Performance Program (MPP) is also flexible with other energy-saving programs. Improvements made through the Weatherization Assistance program (WAP), your utility, and other NYSERDA programs count toward your 15% savings target.

Discover how other multifamily building owners achieved at least 15% energy savings through MPP.


Heating System Replacement

  • Furnace
  • Boiler

Other Heating System Optimizations.

  • Domestic hot water heater replacement
  • Domestic hot water pump replacement
  • Pipe insulation
  • Controls and energy management systems

Building Envelope & Exterior Improvements.

  • Air sealing
  • Exterior lighting
  • Insulation (attic and roof)


  • Low flow aerators & shower heads
  • Refrigerator replacement
  • In-unit lighting

Common Areas.

  • Common area lighting
  • Laundry appliance replacement



High-Performance Technology Primers

You can access the High-Performance Technology Primers developed by the Building Energy Exchange to learn about building system solutions that can help save energy and improve comfort in your buildings. The Primers help you select the right technology for your building by highlighting the costs and benefits of each high performance technology and outlining steps for its implementation. Explore the selected categories below or visit Building Energy ExchangeLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. to see the full array of primers.