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Program Participants


The universe of individuals and organizations that may be interested in the development and operations of the IEDR extends beyond the group of potential users of and contributors to the IEDR platform. In the broadest sense, this includes parties interested in providing professional services or supplying technical components for the IEDR.


Stakeholders are made up of individuals and organizations that have an interest in the development and operations of the IEDR, extending beyond groups of potential users and contributors of the platform. In the broadest sense, this includes parties interested in providing professional services or supplying technical components for the IEDR.
Stakeholders will have meaningful opportunities to contribute to the development of the IEDR through a robust schedule of workshops, technical conferences, periodic reports, and other formats.


As custodians of customer and system data, the active participation of utilities in all aspects of the IEDR initiative is essential to the IEDR Program's success. In addition to the participation of all the Utilities as members of the UCG, the Utilities will be represented on the Advisory Committee and, most importantly, as active contributors to the full range of stakeholder meetings, workshops, technical conferences, and working groups.

Other Providers of Energy Data

The value of the IEDR will be enhanced as sources of energy data expand beyond utilities to include data than can be provided by other providers of relevant information. The IEDR will be designed to scale and grow to effectively incorporate what is expected to be an evolving and expanding group of data resources including public sources such as weather data and other published data sets.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is an interagency working group representing the State of New York that is responsible for monitoring all aspects of IEDR Program execution and operation. The Steering Committee will provide oversight of the development, implementation, and operation of the IEDR by addressing policy, schedule, and budget issues associated with the IEDR Program. As such, the Steering Committee is the "governing body" for the IEDR Program. The IEDR Steering Committee's responsibilities also include providing guidance and direction to the Program Sponsor and IEDR Program Manager. The Steering Committee will perform its functions over the life of the IEDR.

Steering Committee Members

The Steering Committee is comprised of five representatives from the New York State Department of Public Service and four representatives from NYSERDA.

Program Sponsor

The IEDR Order designated NYSERDA to assume the Program Sponsor's role with overall accountability for the IEDR initiative. The Program Sponsor is assigned responsibility for defining, initiating, overseeing, and facilitating the IEDR Program on behalf of the State. In carrying out its Responsibilities, the Program Sponsor will assure:

  • Effective extensive collaboration with and among stakeholders, including the Utilities;
  • Procuring the services of individuals and organizations that possess the necessary expertise and experience in the development, implementation, and operation of a data platform of similar scale and scope; and
  • Unambiguous regulatory requirements including firm schedules and milestones.

Program Manager

Integrated Energy Data Resource (IEDR) Program Manager RFP 4737

Deloitte Consulting, LLP (Deloitte) was awarded a contract to serve as Program Manager for the IEDR. The Program Manager will be responsible for organizing and administering the activities related to the Program.

The Program Manager, in consultation with the Program Sponsor, is responsible for organizing and administering the IEDR’s design, development, and implementation. These responsibilities include:

  • Support for all stakeholder engagement activities,
  • Development and management of the IEDR program schedule and budget,
  • Development of procurements and scopes, as well as management of professional services to design, build, and deploy the IEDR.

Advisory Group

The Advisory Group provides a venue to enable members of diverse stakeholder groups to meet, discuss, and provide timely commentary and guidance to the Program Sponsor and Steering Committee. The Advisory Group is an essential source of guidance and expertise but serves purely in an advisory capacity and is not vested with any decision-making authority.

Advisory Group Members

  • Bill Kinneary, Advisor, Catalyst Power
  • Christopher O’Connor, Director of Data Management Services at the New York State Office of Information Technology Services (ITS)
  • Damian Sciano, Director of Distributed Resource Integration, Consolidated Edison Company of New York (ConEd)
  • Danielle Panko, New York State Department of State (DOS), Division of Consumer Protection, Utility Intervention Unit (UIU)
  • Danny Waggoner, Director, Advanced Energy Economy (AEE)
  • David Terry, Executive Director, National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO)
  • Deb Peck Kelleher, Director, Policy Analysis and Operations, The Alliance for Clean Energy New York
  • Derek Werthmuller, Director of Technology Innovation and Services, University at Albany Center for Technology in Government (CTG Albany)
  • Dr. William Acker, Executive Director, NY-BEST
  • John Borchert, Senior Director Energy Policy & Transmission Dev., Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation
  • Josh Wong, CEO, Opus One Solutions
  • Kat Cox-Arslan, Director of Interconnection Policy, Borrego
  • Kevin Miller, Director of Public Policy, ChargePoint
  • Kris Scornavacca, Project Director- Renewable Energy Development, NextEra
  • Michael Murray, President, Mission Data Coalition
  • Mike Mager, Partner, Couch White, LLP
  • Pamela G. Frank, VP Gabel Associates; CEO ChargEVC
  • Rich Barlette, Director State Government Affairs, Exelon
  • Richard Spilky, Principal – Retail Market Development, Constellation
  • Ross MacWhinney, Senior Advisor, NYC Mayor’s Office of Climate and Sustainability

Utility Coordination Group

The Utility Coordination Group (UCG), convened by the Program Sponsor, provides a venue for collaboration, coordination, and oversight of utility activities related to the design and implementation of the IEDR and alignment with the schedules and activities of the Data Access Framework proceeding (DAF). The UCG shall serve as the venue to address all issues related to the intersection of the IEDR and DAF.

Utility Coordination Group Members

The UCG will be comprised of members of the Steering Committee or their designees, two from DPS and two from NYSERDA, the Program Sponsor, the Program Manager, and the senior-level leader of each Utility IEDR implementation team that is established in compliance with the IEDR Order.

Utility Data Advisor

Integrated Energy Data Resource (IEDR) Utility Data Advisor RFP 4764

Pecan Street Inc. (Pecan Street) was awarded a contract to serve as Utility Data Advisor for the IEDR. The Utility Data Advisor will be a dedicated resource to oversee and provide guidance on the utility data sourcing efforts including the technology needed to provide data to the IEDR and related investments.