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Portfolio Managers


The Home Energy Savings Program relies on third-party service providers, referred to as portfolio managers, to deliver energy savings from a portfolio of eligible utility customers who have implemented efficiency projects. For energy efficiency providers, the Program provides flexibility, minimizes transaction and administrative costs, and secures a multi-year cash flow to support innovative solutions and services for larger portfolios of projects. Under this pay for performance model, the more a service provider saves its customers, the more it will be compensated. The pilot program will use utility meter data and the CalTRACK methodology to calculate energy savings via an Advanced Measurement and Verification platform.

A team with the knowledge and skills to perform residential energy efficiency installations and interventions, as well as the marketing, sales, and support expertise to effectively develop and implement a portfolio of projects is required. A portfolio manager can perform all necessary functions, or they can form partnerships, sub-contracts, or other business arrangements.

Why should you participate?

  • Increased incentive for high performers
  • Flexibility and incentive to design services around what customers want
  • Minimized transaction costs and administrative burden
  • Multi-year cash flows that can support finance solutions and add-on services
  • Portfolio-level performance to manage risk and achieve scale
  • The opportunity to take part in a cutting-edge pilot

Who should apply?

Service providers with:

  • Prior experience implementing one-to-four family retrofit efficiency projects/programs
  • Proven track record of strong sales pipeline and financing capacity
  • Understanding of customers’ needs and the market landscape in National Grid’s territory
  • The ability to implement multi-measure projects that yield steady deep and persistent savings over time

Who can you recruit?

The first pilot to launch under the Home Energy Savings Program is targeting existing one- to four-family homes, located in National Grid’s territory in Onondaga, Oswego, and Oneida counties. The Home Energy Savings Program is expected to launch to customers in Q3 2021.

To qualify for the pilot, the residential customers you recruit need to:

  • Own a one- to four-family home, or be able to undertake energy efficiency improvements on the home (including behavior changes)
  • Have an electric and/or gas National Grid account with at least 13 months of billing history
  • Reside in Onondaga, Oswego, or Oneida counties

Additional residential customers throughout New York State may be eligible for future phases of the Program. Please visit this page for future opportunities.

Do you have an interest in partnering in a pay for performance pilot or learning more? Please contact hespnatgrid@nyserda.ny.gov for more information.

Apply to the Home Energy Savings Program to become a Portfolio Manager