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Healthcare Energy Support Services


Improve facility energy performance and reduce costs

As 24/7 operations, healthcare facilities spend a significant percentage of their budgets on energy costs. However, these facilities often do not have comprehensive energy management systems and approaches in place. With the help of NYSERDA, healthcare facilities can integrate strategic energy management into their operations – allowing facilities to manage energy in a coordinated way that reduces costs and enhances overall building performance. NYSERDA offers free, 12-month energy support services for healthcare facilities interested in advancing a comprehensive, long-term energy management approach.

What You Will Get

Each healthcare participant will receive no-cost technical assistance from our Healthcare Energy Support Team to:

  • Benchmark existing facility performance
  • Identify low- and no-cost opportunities for energy savings
  • Deliver impact reports based on real building performance improvements
  • Develop a sustainable, continuous energy management process
  • Pursue financial and technical support for larger energy projects

How The Process Works

1. Energy Performance Model

Your Healthcare Energy Support Team will develop a custom Energy Performance Model, which will establish your baseline energy use and track your energy performance over the 12-month engagement.

2. Kick-off Event

Gather your team to mark the start of your 12-month energy management performance period where we will:
  • Review your Energy Performance Model
  • Establish a process for data transfer and tracking
  • Conduct a walk-through of your facility
  • Identify goals
  • Review an initial list of energy saving opportunities

3. Continuous Energy Management

Your Healthcare Energy Support Team will maintain consistent communication during the 12-month engagement to support continued identification and implementation of energy opportunities as well as ensure progress toward goals. Guidance on next steps and available programs will be provided based on energy management results.

4. Achieve Energy Savings

We will assist your team with prioritizing and updating energy saving opportunities and will deliver a progress report summarizing realized energy savings every three months to ensure your facility maintains momentum and maximizes opportunities.

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