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The Energy Study Aggregation Program is an opportunity for current FlexTech consultants to develop and test scalable, sustainable, and replicable energy study business models for the commercial sector. Simultaneously, the program will help reduce the costs of acquiring customers and developing technical energy efficiency studies. The studies can be targeted to a specific technology or encompass a whole building. Projects should include commercial facilities with similar building characteristics, equipment, operating schedules, or needs.

The goal of the Energy Study Aggregation Program is to evaluate whether commercial facility commonalities can yield economies of scale when evaluating efficiency opportunities. This program is an alternative to the site-specific technical support provided through the NYSERDA FlexTech program.

Getting Started

The Energy Study Aggregation Program uses an online application platform for FlexTech consultants to submit their proposed project information and business models.

If you’re ready to get started, submit an application here.


Current FlexTech consultants with valid FlexTech agreements are eligible to participate in the Energy Study Aggregation Program.

NYSERDA is open to diverse partnerships with sub-contractors, marketers, and implementation vendors to support the FlexTech consultant’s business model.


The FlexTech consultant will receive up to $50,000 for each aggregation project. The incentive is broken into two categories:

  • A Participant Site Acquisition Incentive of $5,000 will be paid to the FlexTech consultant when the minimum number or participant sites are committed to the aggregation portfolio.
  • A Performance-based Incentive of up to $45,000 will be paid to the FlexTech consultant based on the total recommended energy efficiency savings in the aggregation portfolio. The incentives are set at $110/MWh and $5/MMBtu;

15% of each payment request will be withheld until NYSERDA's approval of the final aggregation project report.

The FlexTech consultant’s use of the incentives is at their discretion. It is not required that the customers pay for a portion of the study or that the consultant share any portion of the NYSERDA incentive with the customers. 


The Energy Study Aggregation Program has a standard scope of work that the FlexTech consultant will agree to at the time of application submission, that includes:

  1. Develop an aggregation business model and submit a project application
  2. Solicit participant sites to test the business model. You can do this before or after applying to the program. An aggregation portfolio must include more than one facility or portfolio owner.
  3. Assist selected commercial facilities in applying to the program online
  4. Conduct energy studies for the participant sites in the aggregation portfolio
  5. Submit the participant site energy study reports to NYSERDA for technical review
  6. Submit quarterly project reports and performance payment requests to NYSERDA
  7. Check in with NYSERDA mid-project to discuss the project status
  8. Submit final project report to NYSERDA

Each participant site must apply to the program to confirm their eligibility and agree to the terms and conditions.

Program Resources

Becoming a FlexTech Consultant

Are you an energy consultant, engineering company, energy service company (ESCO), or other eligible firm interested in helping New York commercial companies make better energy decisions? Become a FlexTech consultants.

Have Questions or Need Assistance?

If you have questions about a project, your eligibility, or the application process, e-mail us at flextech@nyserda.ny.gov.