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Become a Participating Commercial Facility


Benefits of the Energy Study Aggregation Program to Your Business

Energy efficiency studies identify opportunities to reduce building operating costs and increase occupant comfort. They can include an analysis of a whole building or focus on a specific system or type of equipment.

The goal of the Energy Study Aggregation Program is for aggregated energy efficiency studies to provide scalable opportunities for use across the commercial sector. By participating in an aggregation portfolio, you will receive technically sound and objective information needed to make informed energy investment decisions.

Eligible Commercial Facilities

To be eligible for an energy efficiency study, a commercial facility must:

  • Be located in New York State
  • Pay into the electric System Benefits Charge (SBC)
  • Have been occupied for more than one year, if the facility is new or recently renovated substantially

If your commercial facility received NYSERDA technical assistance within the past three years for an energy conservation measure, it is not eligible to receive additional technical assistance for that measure. However, there may be other energy conservation measures at your commercial facility that are eligible for technical assistance. New construction is not eligible.

How to Participate in an Aggregation Portfolio

First, contact a FlexTech consultant to let them know you’re interested in receiving an energy efficiency study and discuss your eligibility to participate in an aggregation portfolio. If eligible, the FlexTech consultant will assist you in submitting a participant site application.

Join Your Colleagues

Do you know of other commercial facilities with a similar type of building or that need a similar type of study? Presenting other commercial facilities that could join an aggregation portfolio to a FlexTech consultant may increase the likelihood of generating a viable project. It only takes two or more commercial facilities or portfolio owners to form an aggregation portfolio.


Have a question? Email flextech@nyserda.ny.gov

If you’re ready to join an aggregation portfolio, connect with a FlexTech consultant

For complete information on the Energy Study Aggregation Program, please see PON 3787 Energy Study Aggregation Program Opportunity Notice.