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The Energy Study Aggregation Program


The Energy Study Aggregation Program explores innovative and streamlined approaches for providing objective energy efficiency studies to commercial facilities. Through the aggregation of participating commercial facilities into a portfolio of efficiency studies, the program will assess whether commonalities across the facilities can make assessing energy efficiency opportunities less costly and more timely.

This program is soliciting current FlexTech consultants to develop, test, and report the results of a business model that will provide reduced-cost, technically sound, energy efficiency studies. This alternative approach to conventional, site-specific studies should be scalable, sustainable, and replicable.

I’m a FlexTech Consultant or Want to Become One

Current FlexTech consultants can receive funding to develop and test business models to provide aggregated energy efficiency studies.

Learn about the program and how to get started, or learn how to become a FlexTech consultant in order to participate.

I’m Interested in Energy Efficiency for My Commercial Facility

If you’re looking to identify opportunities to reduce your building’s operating costs and increase occupant comfort, an energy efficiency study is right for you. Efficiency studies can focus on a whole building, a specific system, or even a type of equipment. Contact a participating FlexTech consultant to be a part of their aggregation portfolio.

Learn more about participating in an aggregation portfolio.