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Why join the Challenge?

The REV Campus Challenge provides its members with a range of benefits. Beyond making your institution a more attractive choice for prospective students and faculty, REV Campus Challenge members:

  • Gain access to member-exclusive programs and competitions, including NYSERDA’s FlexTech Program and any future programs launched under the REV Campus Challenge
  • Receive recognition for your clean energy accomplishments
  • Engage with a diverse network of your peers, from sharing stories about your successes and struggles, to learning best practices and pitfalls from other institutions, to attending educational member workshops and events
  • Access helpful resources selected by the REV Campus Challenge for their relevance to clean energy and sustainability at New York State colleges and universities

What am I committing to by joining the Challenge?

The REV Campus Challenge is a flexible, low-risk initiative that helps institutions identify and realize their own clean energy goals.

Goals and Commitments

The REV Campus Challenge recognizes the diversity of New York State’s colleges and universities and understands that one specific clean energy goal may not be a best fit for every Challenge member.

There are no pre-determined institutional targets, goals, or commitments associated with the REV Campus Challenge—recognition will be obtained by making progress toward and achieving your individual campus clean energy goals.


The REV Campus Challenge also recognizes that many of our members have internal and external commitments that require regular reporting, submissions, and updates to maintain your commitment. To avoid duplication of such efforts, the REV Campus Challenge coordinates closely with existing clean energy initiatives, such as AASHE STARS and the Second Nature Climate Commitments, and obtains much of our reporting information directly from these entities.

The only reporting requirement associated with the REV Campus Challenge is the completion of an annual survey to update us on your clean energy progress, tell us about your past and upcoming accomplishments, and let us know about what programs and resources would be helpful to you.


There are no up-front or annual fees associated with REV Campus Challenge membership.

Who Else is Participating in the Challenge?

As of February 2017, 40% of all New York State higher education institutions have joined the REV Campus Challenge. Challenge members represent the diversity of New York State’s renowned higher education institutions: from liberal arts colleges to private universities to SUNYs, CUNYs, community colleges, and more — across every region of the State.

Check out the current list of REV Campus Challenge Members.

Ready to join the Challenge?

Complete the Clean Energy Activities Survey

After you complete the survey, a REV Campus Challenge team member will reach out to you to schedule a time to confirm your membership level and answer any questions you may have.