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Example Training Projects


Through the Energy Efficiency and Clean Technology Training Program (PON 3981), NYSERDA supports a variety of projects across the state providing training and experience to workers in clean energy industries. These initiatives are designed to ensure that New York energy efficiency and clean technology businesses have an adequate supply of new and existing workers with the necessary occupational skills, credentials, and experience to participate in the clean energy economy.

Project Name Primary Organization Partners Projected Target to be Trained Description
Energy Bootcamp Green City Force Solar One, Soulful Synergy 45 Green City Force (GCF) is developing an Energy Bootcamp for graduates (ages 18-24) of its AmeriCorps workforce preparedness program. The training is based on a "pre-apprenticeship" framework, offering exposure, basic foundation training and hands-on experience as well as a direct connection to industry for full-time employment. The Energy Bootcamp prepares participants for residential energy efficiency retrofits serving low-to-moderate income families and builds on its Green Building Professional (GPRO) certification as well as its ROOTS of Success environmental literacy program. Bootcamp graduates have the opportunity to move on to more advanced technical trainings and/or gain employment with GCF's energy service partner companies, including Franklin Energy, Ameresco, and Constellation.
Energy Efficient Lighting Training Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute N/A 555 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Lighting Research Center is creating a training program for new and existing employees of energy-efficient lighting manufacturers and installation/specification companies. Instructional content developed under this project will be made available to community colleges and similar entities to advance technical training programs in lighting manufacturing and in the lighting specification and installation profession. As students move through the course, they will have the opportunity to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and prepare for lighting certifications offered by the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP), creating a clear pathway to the lighting profession.
HVAC and Building Management Systems (BMS) Training 32BJ Training Fund Certus Controls 605 Local 32BJ Training Fund, the nation's largest building service workers union, is designing and delivering comprehensive training on Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition (HVAC) and Building Management Systems (BMS) to union members, many of which reside and/or work in environmental justice communities in New York City. Completion of this 11-week course, available in both English and Spanish, will allow 32BJ Training Fund to support the development of a sustainable pipeline of workers in the HVCA and building trades.
Net Zero Carbon Training Steven Winter Associates SUNY New Paltz, Building Media Inc, other SUNY schools 253 Steven Winter Associates (SWA) is developing a suite of net zero carbon trainings for both new and retrofit projects based on Passive House principles. The training will be made available to State University of New York (SUNY) faculty, students, staff and any partners involved in enhancing the operation, retrofit and construction of ultra-high-performance buildings. It is a direct response to Governor Cuomo's Executive Order 88 directing state agencies and authorities to improve the energy efficiency of state buildings and meet the high-performance goals for zero net carbon construction set forth by the SUNY Chancellor. 
Smart Meter Installer Training Program CEC - Solar One Green City Force, Aclara Technologies 40 Led by Solar One, the Smart Meter Installer Training Program will prepare young adults (ages 18-24) from underserved communities for smart meter installation jobs with Aclara Technologies, a subcontractor of ConEdison, to upgrade decades-old electrical meter technology in New York City and Westchester County. Graduates of this 2-week training program will earn a Green Professional (GPRO) Electrical Systems (EL) certification, positioning them for advanced technical training and careers the green energy economy.
Architectural Retrofit Training
CUNY Building Performance Lab (BPL) AIANY 304 The City University of New York (CUNY) Building Performance Lab is developing a course in the architectural aspects of retrofits to address the overwhelming need for retrofitting resulting from New York City's new emissions reduction mandate. The 10.5-hour course will be geared towards existing and emerging architects, engineers and energy consultants, including immigrants and people of color, who design and specify the architectural aspects of retrofits. Participants will have the opportunity to earn architectural and engineering continuing education credits, eventually leading to a certification in combination with similar trainings offered through CUNY's industry partners. 
Energy Efficiency Workforce Training New York State Weatherization Directors Association (NYSWDA) Mohawk Valley WFDB 338 NYSWDA is developing a new energy efficiency training for low-income and environmental justice populations in the City of Utica. The training will lead to Building Performance Institute certifications and continuing education units for energy auditors, quality control inspectors, HVAC technicians, entry-level crew people and on-site crew leaders, providing new and existing workers with opportunities for upskilling and advancement in the energy efficiency industry.
Energy Efficiency Training Pipeline Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) N/A 129 Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) is creating a comprehensive energy efficiency training pipeline for underemployed and low-income individuals that encompasses soft skills as well as job-related, on-the-job training, and college coursework, enabling opportunities for advancement in the building trades and energy efficiency-related careers. The project will help expand HVCC's existing, credit-bearing coursework to address the need for critical mid-level skill development in advanced building materials, building envelop sealing, and energy efficiency heating, cooling, and building control systems. Industry partners have committed to offering experiential learning opportunities, including job "immersion" experiences, internships, and mentoring, for students at all levels, with opportunities for job placement upon training completion.
Building Operators Training Program Youth Action Program and Homes CUNY BPL, AEA, El Barrio's Op FtB, Taino Towers, WinnResidential, Hope Community, Isaacs Center, Soulful Synergy 30 Youth Action Programs and Homes, Inc. is creating a Building Operators Training Program (BOTP) to prepare disengaged youth in Upper Manhattan and the South Bronx for entry-level jobs with local multi-family building operators and small businesses. The 72-hour training includes both classroom and hands-on learning from the CUNY Building Performance Lab and culminates in a certificate of completion along with an 6-8-week internship in various building sites. Throughout the program, Youth Action will support participants with professional development programming, worksite coaching, case management, job placement as well as education assistance. Interested participants will have the opportunity to further their skills in a 40-hour Building Energy Efficiency Building Operations Specialist (EEBOPS) training, resulting in a nationally recognized credential.
iManifold HVAC Training
North Park Innovations Group Engineering: Intomes Technical Services; SUNY Buffalo 510 North Park Innovations Group is expanding its product line of HVAC training systems to address the gap in skilled HVAC technicians in New York State. An online course will train workers on the iManifold digital measurement and diagnostic system, resulting in a new certification. Additionally, the project will include development of an accompanying Artificial Intelligence engine, led by SUNY University at Buffalo, to enable predictive maintenance of HVAC equipment and allow less-seasoned technicians to perform expert-level installation, commissioning, service and repairs. Finally, North Park will train HVAC commercial technicians on the iManifold Pulse, a brand-new monitoring and diagnostic platform for HVAC equipment, focused on roof-top-unit air-source heat pumps. 
Energy Auditor Training Willdan Energy Solutions Euclid Training, Sustainable United Neighborhoods (SUN), Energy Economic Development Corporation (EEDC), ConEdison 120 Willdan Energy Solutions seeks to bridge the skills gap among incumbent energy auditors and attract new workers to the residential and small commercial market. Willdan's training will foster skills development in underserved and environmental justice communities and support human capital needs to meet new city and state regulations. By addressing new ConEdison utility program requirements, the training will ensure that energy auditors in the field have the foundational knowledge and enhanced technical understanding required for various building systems (lighting, environmental, envelopes). Program graduates will be eligible for continuing education units as well as nationally recognized certifications.
Green jobs Initiative
DC 37 AFSCME, AFL-CIO AEA, Environlution 1, Energy Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) 120 The District Council 37 Education Fund (DC 37), the largest public employees union in New York City (NYC), is developing a Green Jobs Initiative to enhance the skills of nearly 4 dozen occupations in the green jobs economy. DC 37's curriculum offers fundamentals and advanced study, each offering the opportunity for continuing education units and professionally recognized credentials that lead to career paths and advancement in multiple sectors, including renewable energy, green technology, building sciences, and environmental conservation and engineering. In addition to incumbent members, DC 37 intends to empower and prepare candidates who have been pre-qualified for NYC's civil service exam; many reside in environmental justice zones. 
Clean Tech Pre-Apprenticeship Program SUNY Ulster YouthBuild, Citizens for Local Power, Ulster Co. Sheriff, Kingston Office of Community Development, Kingston Land Bank 448 SUNY Ulster is expanding pre-apprenticeship programs for the clean technology fields in its region. The project will recruit high-risk youth and incarcerated individuals to participate in a green jobs training on building envelope, heating, cooling and automation systems, photovoltaics and passive solar technology. The courses lay the foundation for stackable micro-credentials that students can earn on their path towards an Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) in Clean Technology degree, or layer with degrees outside of the Clean Tech field. In addition to accessing a host of wrap-around services, trainees have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in green building techniques and repairs. Graduates are eligible for continuing education credits as well as Building Performance Institute and Passive House certifications leading into job placement with local contractors. 
Energy Storage and Microgrid (ESM) Training IBEW-JATC (New York State Labor Management Committee) N/A 120 The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (JATC) is developing an Energy Storage and Microgrid (ESM) training and certification (ESAMTAC). Specifically, the course will prepare  electrical contractors and electricians for the safe and effective assembly, testing, commissioning, maintenance, repair, retrofitting and decommissioning of ESM systems. The goal is to integrate the training into the IBEW apprenticeship curriculum, elevating the specialty skills and knowledge required to safely work on energy storage and microgrid projects and ensure a continued supply of trained electrical workers. 
Advanced Building Automation Systems (BAS) Training Steven Winter Associates Sentient, AEA, Bridge Mechanical 39 Steven Winter Associates (SWA) is developing a comprehensive training program designed to upskill existing HVAC contractors and broaden their experience with the design, installation, and commissioning requirements of Building Automation Systems (BAS) systems. The training program will serve mechanical and plumbing contractors looking to acquire new skills in advanced building technologies and will further attract a new generation of technology-savvy, environmentally-minded workers to the field.
Energy Storage Systems Training New York City College of Technology N/A 40 New York City College of Technology (City Tech) is developing a training program to expand the capacity of its tuition-based course offerings and address the need for energy storage installers in New York State. Under the project, City Tech will recruit and train low-income workers, including veterans and individuals residing in environmental justice communities, in two cohorts: New workers will be introduced to energy storage systems and existing workers will learn about advanced energy storage/microgrids with distributed energy resources. Graduates will be eligible for academic credits towards the college's engineering baccalaureate degrees and advancement in clean energy careers. Curricula developed under the program will be made available to city agencies and non-profits.
Building Automation Systems (BAS) Training Stacks + Joules, Inc Tauris Tech, UA Maker Academy, South Bronx Community Charter HS, Lower Eastside Girls Club, Bronx Private Industry Council, Tridium 60 Stacks + Joules is creating a training to prepare high school seniors from low-income communities and designated environmental justice areas for jobs in the Building Automation System (BAS) industry. Under the project, Stacks + Joules will teach a cohort of students in computer programming, wireless networking, HVAC and lighting controls, and automated building control systems. In addition to offering rigorous technical training, career exploration, hands-on learning, and close mentorship by industry professionals, the program leads to professional credentials, preparing students for careers in the energy efficiency and clean technology industry.
Energy Service-Learning Pre-pre-apprenticeship Green City Force NYCHA 50 Green City Force (GCF) is creating an "Energy Service-Learning Pre-pre-apprenticeship," creating the essential first step for un- or underemployed young adults to enter a clean energy career pathway. The program will train graduates from GCF's AmeriCorps program, recruited in partnership with the New York City Housing Authority, on electric lighting and post-construction appliances, solar panel maintenance and energy monitoring, preparing them for work on residential energy efficiency retrofits serving low-to-moderate income families. Graduates will leave the training with a firm foundation in environmental literacy, professional certifications, and meaningful hands-on experience. GCF’s overall goal is to develop a comprehensive model from service (pre-pre-apprenticeship phase) to Energy Boot Camp (pre-apprenticeship phase) to employment or actual union apprenticeship in the sustainable buildings sector.
Bed Stuy Green Buildings Operations and Maintenance Training CEC - Solar One Bed Stuy Restoration, Renewal Construction Services, Chateau GC 60 Solar One is delivering training on energy efficient building operations and maintenance procedures to young adults (ages 18-24) from underserved communities. Upon completing this 4-week training program, students have the opportunity to earn site safety training cards as well as EPA Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting and Green Professional (GPRO) Operations + Maintenance (O+M) certifications. Strategic partnerships with local businesses ensure that students are positioned for direct entry into building maintenance and operations jobs in the multifamily residential building sector.
Green Collar Prep Nontraditional Employment for Women Solar One, Envirolution, NY Committee for Occupational Safety (NYSCOSH), Con Edison 75 Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW) is developing a new, training program to prepare low-income women, particularly women of color, for jobs and apprenticeships in the green collar economy. Offered free of charge to participants, "Green Collar Prep" (GCP) will build on the foundational skills acquired in NEW's core apprenticeship program, Blue Collar Prep and NEW at Night, by integrating content directly linked to sustainability and efficiency practices and providing students with comprehensive training in environmental literacy and construction techniques. GCP will encompass skills training, soft skills workshops, physical conditioning, mentoring and networking opportunities with subject matter experts, and site tours that focus on environmental stewardship in the construction industry. GCP will further provide students with connections to necessary training certifications as well as employment opportunities with apprenticeship partners and contractors.
Green Jobs Training Program Sustainable South Bronx Green Jobs Training Center 140 Sustainable South Bronx (SSBx) is partnering with the Green Jobs Training Center to deliver comprehensive training to prepare residents of disadvantaged communities for careers in the green energy and infrastructure field. The 12-week, full-time program covers a wide range of green building topics, preparing trainees for positions in the green infrastructure and maintenance, clean technologies, and energy efficiency sectors. In addition to developing environmental literacy, students gain valuable skills in energy efficiency retrofitting, solar power installation, landscaping, energy auditing, and more. Industry-recognized certifications are a key part of the curriculum, providing trainees with the most relevant and current knowledge, and a competitive advantage to their job search.
High-Performance Building Training North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) Building Energy Exchange (BEEx), Passive House Academy (PHA) 5,954 North American Passive House Network (NAPHN) is training technical professionals on high-performance buildings. NAPHN's project builds on its successful Passive House training to create a pipeline of training from introductory courses ("primers") to intensive professional certifications that are recognized worldwide. The training initiative will serve as a staircase of educational tools that provide entry points for careers in building design, real estate, material supply and construction as well as public policy and academia. Its overall goal is to train decisionmakers in building design and construction to meet New York's 80x50 climate action commitments. 
Small- and Medium Business (SMB) Energy Efficiency (EE) Training Willdan Lighting & Electrical, Inc. Energy Economic Development Corporation (EEDC), Green Tech LEADers, Soulful Synergy, NY Institute for Technology, Learn & Innovate for Education, Enablement, Empowerment 140 Willdan Energy Solutions is developing an energy efficiency (EE) training focusing on thermal systems in the small- and medium-business (SMB) sector to address the need for skilled professionals in utility companies' EE SMB programs. The training will serve new and existing clean energy professionals, including individuals from priority populations, and encompass coursework on the green economy, thermal building systems, advanced software benchmarking and energy modeling, and COVID-19 safety. Depending on the trainee skills and backgrounds, the program can be adapted as an industry-specific bridge to additional training or lead to accreditation through the New York Institute of Technology's Energy Management Program.
Air-to-Water Heat Pump (AWHP) Training Steven Winter Associates Sanden 64 Steven Winter Associates (SWA) is partnering with Sanden, a manufacturer of a CO2-based Air-to-Water Heat Pumps (AWHPs), to train contractors on AWHP retrofits for domestic hot water systems in multi-family buildings. The technology serves as a cost-efficient, non-invasive upgrade to existing boiler rooms, promising to reduce on-site emissions and promote a 100% carbon-free future. The training will target both existing mechanical and plumbing contractos as well as new workers, enabling them to install and sign off on system startups without the need for lengthy and costly input from manufacturers and energy consultants. Bringing the capabilities in-house will further help reduce the time needed to complete these projects and bring retrofits to the scale needed to meet statewide climate goals.
Advanced Lighting Controls Training NYS Labor Management Cooperation Committee (LMCC) N/A 120 LMCC's training addresses the need for an updated apprentice/journeyman electrician course in the area of advanced lighting controls offered by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). The proposal includes equipment purchases (Lutron equipment and Platformatics to enable delivery of power, data collection, and lighting control in one wire, one system) as well as new curriculum, which will include wireless controls and PoE, among other updated technologies. The 16-hour training is comprised of lectures and hands-on experiences and will be offered to 120 IBEW members as part of IBEW's registered electrical apprenticeship program at 15 training centers statewide.
GPRO Construction Management Urban Green Council N/A 250 Urban Green seeks to develop and deliver training to upskill existing workers on its Green Professionals Building Skill (GPRO) Construction Management (CM) program. The training is intended to provide construction teams with the practical knowledge and skills needed to create energy-efficient, sustainable buildings while minimizing incremental costs. GPRO CM is a certificate program that focuses on Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) to integrate green practices into trainees' core knowledge so they understand how to integrate energy efficiency into their work. The training consists of a 7-hour IPD course, 3 hours of training from online elective modules, and an exam leading to the GPRO CM certificate. GPRO CM will be available at a 75% discount to 150+ construction management students and at zero cost to 100 low-income students (n=250 total).