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For detailed information on each of these actions, including requirements and recommendations, or to determine which actions are right for you, read the Guidance Document [PDF] or contact your Clean Energy Community Coordinator.

Climate Smart Communities Certification: Up to 800 Points

The certification program provides a framework for local governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build community resilience to climate change.

Community Campaigns: Up to 800 points

Community leaders can launch campaigns aimed at encouraging groups of residents and business owners to install clean heating and cooling technologies, including ground and air source heat pumps, solar, and biomass. Action grant eligible up to $125K.

LED Streetlights: Up to 900 points

Communities can reduce their streetlight energy use by as much as 65% by installing energy-efficient LED lighting, generating cost savings and emission reduction. LED streetlights last longer and are easier to maintain.

Benchmarking: Up to 1,000 points

Local governments can adopt a policy that requires annual reporting of energy used in buildings. Setting up a system for measuring and sharing energy use data helps identify opportunities to cut energy waste and associated costs.

Clean Fleets: Up to 1,000 points

Local governments throughout the State are investing in electric vehicles and infrastructure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants. Electric vehicles are more energy efficient and cost significantly less to operate than gasoline- and diesel-powered vehicles.

NYStretch Energy Code: 1,200 points

NYSERDA developed NYStretch as a statewide model code to help communities meet their energy and climate goals by accelerating the savings obtained through their local building energy codes. Action grant eligible up to $50K.

Community Choice Aggregation: 2,000 points

Local governments can choose the source of their community’s energy supply while negotiating lower rates and ensuring a greater percentage of electricity comes from renewable sources.

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