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For detailed information on each of these actions, including requirements and recommendations, or to determine which actions are right for you, read the Guidance Document [PDF] or contact your Clean Energy Community Coordinator.

Energy Code Enforcement Training: 200 points

The Energy Code—a minimum building standard for energy efficiency—is applicable to new construction and renovation of commercial and residential buildings. Completing the training module gives communities opportunities for significant energy savings through improved energy code compliance.

Unified Solar Permit: 200 points

Designed to streamline and expedite the approval process for installing solar in a community, the standardized permit is expected to cut costs as well as save time and resources by decreasing the overall installation time.

Clean Energy Upgrades: 500 points

Municipalities are well positioned to save energy and money by replacing outdated equipment with new smart and efficient technology. Municipalities must achieve a 10 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from municipal buildings.

Clean Heating and Cooling Demo: 500 points

Municipal facilities can demonstrate the benefits of transitioning from fossil fuel-based thermal energy to clean heating and cooling technology, such as utility bill savings, increased comfort, and a healthier work environment. Municipalities must convert a municipal facility to all electric with ground- or air-source heat pumps.

100% Renewables for Municipal Operations: 500 points

Communities can highlight their role as a leader in addressing climate change and protecting the environment by making the decision to purchase renewable energy for electricity needs.

PACE Financing: Up to 500 points

Municipalities can establish an Energize NY Finance program that enables eligible commercially owned buildings to secure funds for renewable energy projects and upgrades. This financing structure is available for projects that aim to install permanent improvements that reduce energy costs in existing buildings.

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