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Programs and Services


New Construction and Gut Rehabilitation

  • Residential and Multifamily New Construction
    Supports new construction or gut-rehab of existing spaces to provide residents with energy savings and comfort. Support is available to participating builders who construct single-family homes or multi-unit residential projects that meet the New York ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes standard, including homes designed to achieve net-zero energy performance. Income-qualified homebuyers may be eligible for additional support.
  • Commercial New Construction Program
    The Commercial New Construction Program offers objective technical and financial support to commercial building owners and tenants to effect a permanent transformation in the way buildings are designed and constructed in New York State.
  • Buildings of Excellence
    The Buildings of Excellence competition is a $40 million competition with monetary awards being given out in each of three rounds. Kicked off in early 2019, the Competition recognizes and rewards the design, construction, and operation of very low or zero carbon emitting multifamily buildings.
  • Net Zero Energy for Economic Development
    Incentives are available to support economic development projects across New York State for projects that are regionally significant and designed to net zero energy or carbon neutral performance. Economic Development Projects that are regionally significant are aligned with the goals of the Regional Economic Development Council’sLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. Strategic Plan or other State priorities.

Advanced Codes

  • NYStretch Energy Code – 2020
    NYSERDA developed NYStretch as a statewide model code for New York jurisdictions to use to meet their energy and climate goals by accelerating the savings obtained through their local building energy codes. For jurisdictions that adopt it, NYStretch will provide savings of roughly 11% over the 2020 Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State (2020 ECCCNYS) when that energy code is released by New York State Department of State.

Existing Buildings and Homes

  • RetrofitNY
    Working to create new solutions to renovate multifamily buildings while achieving or approaching net-zero energy use and creating standardized and scalable processes that will improve residents’ comfort and buildings’ energy performance.
  • Commercial Tenant Program
    Supports energy efficiency in commercial tenant spaces in New York State. Tenants and landlords can work with consultants to identify energy saving opportunities at any point of the lease lifecycle: from space selection and goal setting, to design and construction, occupancy and operations.

Related Programs and Services

  • Advanced Buildings Program
    Develops energy-efficient, building-related technology, including next-generation HVAC and smart building technologies, and business models for residential, multifamily, and commercial buildings.
  • NY-Sun
    Provides incentives and financing to make solar-generated electricity accessible and affordable for all New York homeowners, renters, and businesses. Using solar can help lower energy costs compared to using conventionally generated electricity. Additional program components include training for installers and public officials, standardized permitting processes, and consumer education.
  • Charge NY
    New York State supports electric vehicle (EV) and charging station use. The State has launched several programs to assist EV buyers and develop policy that advocates the use of more EVs and EV infrastructure.
  • Energy Storage
    Offers funding and technical support to building owners, municipalities, energy storage developers, contractors, and integrators for installing energy storage technologies.
  • Air Source Heat Pump Program
    The latest air source heat pump (ASHP) technology effectively cools and heats in cold climates, which helps customers lower their energy costs and reduce emissions. The Air Source Heat Pump Program is working with participating installers to expand the adoption of advanced ASHPs and encourage their wider use.
  • Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate
    Offers support for the installation of ground source heat pump systems at residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. Funding is available only to eligible designers and installers of clean heating and cooling systems that have been approved by NYSERDA.
  • Real-Time Energy Management
    Supports real time energy management (RTEM) system and service providers who help eligible facilities in New York State with selecting appropriate RTEM systems and offers cost-sharing incentives for installing the systems. Assistance includes an in-depth analysis of energy usage data at the site and suggestions for capital improvements.