Use of Auction Proceeds

NYSERDA designed and implemented a process to develop an Operating Plan which summarizes and describes the initiatives to be supported by RGGI auction proceeds.

Similar to other programs that NYSERDA administers, the Authority has convened an Advisory Group to assist with the development of the Operating Plan. The Operating Plan is reviewed and revised on an annual basis by NYSERDA and an Advisory Group comprised of members representing the environmental community, the electric generation community and consumer benefit organizations. The Advisory Committee provides guidance on how to best use auction proceeds.

The Operating Plan includes:

  1. Program selection criteria,
  2. An anticipated schedule for implementation of the programs,
  3. Descriptions of the measurement, verification, and evaluation methods that will be used to judge the impacts and success of the programs, and
  4. A quantification of NYSERDA’s costs for administration and evaluation of the programs.

The most recent version of the Operating Plan can be viewed here:

Stakeholder input is important to us as we develop the annual update to the Operating Plan for investing RGGI proceeds in energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon abatement technologies. We appreciate all the stakeholder engagement that has informed the development and updating of the RGGI program. Based on the interest and involvement of so many individuals and organizations, we are transitioning away from a formal advisory group and providing an opportunity for all interested stakeholders to gather around the table for discussions to inform the updating of the Operating Plan.

Meetings concerning the development of each annual update to the Operating Plan are generally held in the Spring. A stakeholder meeting was held on May 9, 2014 at DEC in Albany, NY, to discuss the Proposed RGGI Operating Plan. Materials from this meeting are listed below.

Meeting Materials

Written comments on the 2014 RGGI Operating Plan Draft Amendment [PDF] are listed below.

Stakeholder Comments

You can find documents related to past RGGI Meetings, as well as previous versions of the RGGI Operating Plan, on the Useful Documents page.

Last Updated: 05/26/2015