NYSERDA Reallocates $1.8 Million to Extend Current Residential Solar Incentives on Long Island Under NY-Sun Program

Uncommitted Megawatts Added Back to Solar Rebate Program to Support Almost 1,400 New Solar Projects

January 29, 2016

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) today announced the reallocation of more than $1.8 million in unused funds to extend incentives available for residential solar projects on Long Island. This will enable almost an additional 1,400 homes to receive incentives for new solar projects.

NY-Sun is Governor Andrew M. Cuomo's $1 billion initiative to advance the scale-up of solar and move New York State closer to having a sustainable, self-sufficient solar industry. It will help the State meet the Clean Energy Standard, which requires 50 percent of electricity come from renewable resources by 2030.

Long Island is the leading solar market in the State, and this fund allocation will help address the continued high demand for residential solar projects in the region.

Under the State-wide Megawatt (MW) Block program, residential, small commercial (including not-for-profits) and large commercial solar projects are eligible for incentives (rebates) that lower total project costs and support greater use of clean, sustainable solar power. The total amount of incentives available is based on a pre-established amount of energy (megawatts) designated for a specific region, which provides certainty and transparency for customers and installers. The level of incentives declines over time as the amount of megawatts allocated hits specific targets.

The MW Block regions of the State are: Upstate Residential, Upstate Small Non-Residential, Con Edison Residential, Con Edison Small Non-Residential, Long Island Residential, Long Island Small Non-Residential, Upstate Commercial/Industrial and Con Edison Commercial/Industrial.

Once a MW Block's capacity is fully subscribed, all unused funds are reallocated to the current block in that region. Due to the cancellation of some projects in the Long Island Residential MW Block or projects whose scope or funding was changed, NY-Sun has reallocated these uncommitted funds. With this reallocation, the number of MWs available in Block 4 for residential projects on Long Island will increase by an additional 9 MWs.

NYSERDA President and CEO John B. Rhodes said, "NY-Sun has had great success in spurring unprecedented growth in solar across the State, but especially on Long Island. The reallocation of funds will ensure an appropriate level of support is available to advance additional Long Island residential solar projects where funds were allocated, but not used."

NY-Sun staff continue to monitor the MW Block regions for unused capacity and will make additional future changes as appropriate. To view the updated MW Block Incentive dashboard, visit:  http://ny-sun.ny.gov/For-Installers/Megawatt-Block-Incentive-Dashboard

About Reforming The Energy Vision

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