About PV Systems

PV systems convert solar radiation (sunlight) into electricity, which is why they are also often referred to as "Solar-Electric systems". PV systems have many advantages: they use a "free" power source (the sun) and have little impact on our environment, as no greenhouse gases are created in the generation of the electricity. PV systems can be installed on either a roof or on the ground using a ground mount system.

Key Benefits

  • In contrast with electricity generated by fossil fuels, PV-generated electricity creates no noise, air or water pollution
  • Provides long-term stabilization of electrical costs
  • When combined with a battery backup system, a PV unit can provide you with power when utility power is out
  • NYSERDA provides incentives that can reduce the customer’s out of pocket cost.
  • Additional federal and state tax credits may apply*

* System owners may qualify for up to 30% federal tax credits. Always consult with your qualified tax professional or accountant to determine your eligibility for tax credits.

Last Updated: 01/01/0001
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Who Can Participate

You must pay into the System Benefits Charge

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Who To Contact

Pete Savio,
Program Project Manager
518-862-1090, Ext 3334

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Solar Electric (PV) Clean Power Cost Estimator

Solar PanelsGenerate a customized estimate of the costs and savings of installing a PV System using an eligible contractor under NYSERDA's Solar Electric (PV) Incentive Program.

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