PON 2846 Innovations in Data Center, Information and Communications Technology Energy Efficiency


Effective immediately NYSERDA is cancelling Round 3 to PON 2846

NYSERDA seeks proposals for research, product development and demonstration projects of energy efficiency innovations for data center and enterprise information and communications technology (ICT). The objective of this solicitation is to overcome barriers and speed the technical/market readiness of promising early-stage technologies and techniques that can improve energy efficiency in data centers and ICT used by NYS businesses. This solicitation is not intended to support residential or consumer ICT. Innovations and projects proposed to this solicitation must aim to improve efficiency, reduce green house gas emissions and strengthen NYS’s industries that use ICT. This solicitation also seeks proposals for demonstration of an Advanced Concept Data Center that present holistic combinations of energy efficient innovations at scale that could prove disruptive to normal data center energy consumption.

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