Last Updated: 06/26/2015

Energize your business with the New York Products Program

The New York Products Program is designed to increase both the supply and demand for energy-efficient consumer products across the State. Our goal is to elevate energy efficiency to top of mind among consumers and create a permanent shift in the way people research and purchase products. One of the ways we do this is by making it easier for local retailers like you to educate shoppers and put ENERGY STAR® certified products in more homes—delivering exceptional value to your customers and generating more revenue for your business along the way.

Why become a Program partner?

It’s good for customers. It’s good for the environment. It’s great for business.

Generating awareness and educating consumers about the advantages of energy-efficient products creates a savvy customer capable of making smarter purchase decisions. They get a product that costs them far less over its lifetime, the planet benefits from a smaller consumer carbon footprint, and you’re able to make more money selling the typically higher-priced energy-efficient models. Everybody wins.

What do you get from the Program?

The overall benefits of the Program are clear. But what is it you actually get as a participating partner?

  • Price-reduction incentives —Counter the typically higher sticker price of more efficient products with Program incentives that can supplement manufacturer rebates.
  • Point-of-purchase (POP) materials—From window clings and shelf talkers to posters and product stickers, we’ll provide you with a range of in-store signage designed to get the energy efficiency conversation started.
  • Cooperative advertising support—We’ll cover a portion of the bill to help you promote your business and the energy-saving products you sell.
  • Customized promotional support—Your success is our success, so our experienced account executives will work with you to create tailored promotions that fit the needs of your business and customers.
  • Listing on the NYSERDA website—We’ll literally put your store on the map and help funnel consumers in the market for an energy efficiency retailer through your door.
  • ENERGY STAR and other program-qualified energy-efficient product training for staff—Because one of the keys to selling more energy-efficient products is conveying their benefits.
  • Educational materials for consumers—The more your customers know about how much they can save on energy costs in the long run, the more likely they’ll be to spend a little extra on more efficient, higher-end products and appliances.
  • Financial support for customer education events—Live events give you the opportunity to get to know your customers better and educate them in person.
  • Additional promotional opportunities—You’ll also be able to align with national ENERGY STAR campaigns as well as with other NYSERDA promotions.

NYSERDA is not accepting new applications for New York Products Program partners at this time.