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New York's Cleantech Economy

New York Cleantech Economy
NY ranks in the top 5 in many key
cleantech economic indicators.

Cleantech generates commercial benefits to customers while addressing environmental concerns such as global climate change, sustainability, and energy security. New York's clean energy market is driven by early adopting consumers and legislators and backed by cleantech industry development, business environment, and research and innovation.

New York State's Cleantech Ranking

New York State's commitement to growing cleantech is demonstrated by it's national rank in key areas. New York State is second in overall cleantech patenting and third in university research expenditures. The State falls in the top 3 in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) degrees awarded and venture capital investment. New York falls 4th in the country in number of cleantech companies and green goods and services employment. The clean eenrgy market is boosted by state energy efficiency policies that rank third and electric and gas energy efficiency investment that rank second.

To display New York's ranks among the 50 U.S. states, download the Building a Cleantech Economy in New York Infographic [PDF].

To view all details on New York State's cleantech ranking, download a copy of the NYS Clean Energy Technologies Innovation Metrics 2012 [PDF|3.02MB]