Program Closed

Due to the large number of applications to the Multifamily Existing Buildings Program, NYSERDA has allocated all funds provided for multifamily projects for 2015 and the program is now closed until 2016.


Multifamily Performance Program: Existing Buildings

Stay ahead of costs, codes, and the competition

Optimize your building’s performance and earn up to 22 percent ROI annually.* A whole-building energy efficiency strategy can lower your operational costs by up to hundreds of thousands per year, enhance your property’s value, and reduce your carbon footprint.

The Existing Buildings program allows owners of 5+ units and 4+ floors to design a customized, comprehensive whole-building energy solution tailored to your building and your business (If you have a smaller building, consult the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR ® Low-rise Program). With the help of a highly specialized, experienced energy efficiency expert, called a Multifamily Performance Partner, you’ll develop an Energy Reduction Plan designed to hit an energy savings target of 15 percent. Your Partner will help you take advantage of incentives to help you cover your costs—including bonus incentives for buildings that exceed energy performance goals.

Buildings across the State are participating in the Multifamily Performance Program. Find projects near you.


Base Incentives
Affordable (per unit) Market Rate (per unit)
$450 $100


Performance Payment (per unit)

Tier #1: 20% – 22% $100
Tier #2: 23% – 25% $150
Tier #3: 26% – 28% $200
Tier #4: 29%+ $300

Incentives may be adjusted by NYSERDA.

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  • Buildings with 5+ units and 4+ floors
  • At least 50 percent of the building’s gross heated footage must be residential space
  • Must pay into SBC
  • NYSERDA incentives cannot be combined with incentives or rebates from utility company programs
  • Buildings that have received incentives or rebates from other programs are not eligible for NYSERDA support for 12 months after receipt of payment


What’s the best deal: deciding between NYSERDA programs and utility company programs

Some utility companies offer programs specifically for multifamily buildings. We recommend that you carefully compare the benefits of working with a utility company program and the NYSERDA Multifamily Performance Program. You must choose one or the other. NYSERDA takes a whole-building approach and creates incentives based on energy savings; utility companies tend to offer rebates on specific improvements or upgrades. Utility companies are generally restricted to working with building of 75 units or less; there is no upper size limit for working with NYSERDA.

Contact your utility company directly or check out following web sites to help you decide:

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