Program Reopening Soon

The Multifamily Performance Program Existing Buildings program is expected to reopen mid-May 2016. If you have any questions, please contact:
212-971-5342 x3078


Multifamily Performance Program: Existing Buildings

A high-performance building is a high-performance business.

The way your building works is directly tied to your bottom line. And whether you’re looking to boost profitability or simply make necessary equipment repairs, you can make your building work better by increasing your energy performance. From a single piece of equipment to a comprehensive, whole-building upgrade, our programs let you incorporate energy efficiency on a scale that makes sense for you. And with each upgrade you decide to make, your building gets more efficient, marketable, and profitable. Get help from a Multifamily Building Solutions Provider who can solve your building’s needs with energy upgrades at your pace.

Targeted Option for all Buildings

The Targeted Option lets you make only the energy efficiency improvements you want when you want. Use your own contractor or a NYSERDA-approved Multifamily Building Solutions Provider. Plus, enjoy the flexibility to combine program incentives with additional incentives offered by utilities—giving you the most value and return possible on your project.

Comprehensive Option for Affordable Buildings

The Comprehensive Option optimizes your entire building's energy performance. A Multifamily Building Solutions Provider will work with you to evaluate building systems holistically, creating a customized plan designed to deliver a minimum of 25% energy savings. As a result, you’ll experience higher operational efficiency, lower energy bills and happier tenants.