ETAC-CI Focused Demonstrations: Targeted Categories

NYSERDA seeks projects in the following categories for Focused Demonstration opportunities:

  1. Technologies or approaches that enable both kilowatt and kilowatt-hour savings by integrating automation, scheduling, and/or controls with load management (encompassing demand response, demand management, and/or energy storage). Examples include:
    • Advanced Web-enabled programmable thermostats
    • Load-shedding lighting ballasts
    • Internet-based monitoring control for refrigeration systems
  2. Building or energy system-focused technologies or approaches that offer energy data analytics and performance information.
    Examples include:
    • Remote energy audits
    • Advanced energy information systems, for instance, building energy performance analytics software with dashboards
  3. Deep energy savings approaches that result in a significant decrease in energy use intensity.
    Note that the provision of independent performance data at time of application submission is not required for projects in this Targeted Category.
  4. Heating, cooling, ventilation and domestic hot water systems and/or approaches which:
    • introduce, integrate or upgrade controls, leading to kWh and/or MMBtu savings;
    • reduce the kBtu/sq. ft. of an existing building by a minimum of 5%.
    Examples include:
    • Steam and hot water radiator controls
    • Domestic hot water circulation controls

Review PON 2689 for full details.