NYSERDA Catalyzes Investment

NYSERDA-Funded Start-Ups Receiving Additional Funding

Since 1975, NYSERDA’s technology development and demonstration programs have helped New York’s clean energy start-ups develop products and solutions through technology validation, proof-of-concept development, demonstrations, and manufacturing scale-up. In particular, since these awards were made through competitive peer-review, private investors are able to gain confidence that the idea has been vetted successfully for a foundational level of technical, market, and business validation. This de-risking has helped our partners develop and test new products and technologies with the potential to improve energy efficiency and energy options, and helped contribute to a vibrant clean energy sector in the State by allowing the private sector to effectively advance the most promising new products and services.

Complementing these technology development efforts is NYSERDA’s energy innovation and business development programs which include six nationally-recognized clean energy business incubators, proof-of-concept centers, entrepreneurs-in-residence, and manufacturing scale-up. These initiatives help partner’s assess and improve the commercial and market viability of new technologies through efforts such as strategic business plan development, intellectual property positioning, preparing for investment presentations, and scaling advanced manufacturing techniques.

Click below for examples of NYSERDA-funded start-up companies that have gone on to receive additional funding from federal agencies, angel investors, and institutional venture capital.

  • 2012 R&D Success Stories