Programs & Services

76West Clean Energy Competition

76West is an unparalleled $20 million competition designed to attract entrepreneurs and resources from around the globe to build clean energy businesses and create jobs in the 11 counties that make up New York State's Southern Tier Region.

Advanced Buildings Program

Developing energy-efficient, building-related technology, including next-generation HVAC and smart building technologies, and business models for residential, multifamily, and commercial buildings.

Agriculture Energy Audit Program

Offers assistance to eligible farms and on-farm producers to identify electric and natural gas energy efficiency measures for eligible farms and on-farm producers, including but not limited to orchards, dairies, greenhouses, vegetables, vineyards, grain dryers, and poultry or egg producers.

Anaerobic Digester Gas-to-Electricity Program

Offers funding and technical assistance for installation of anaerobic digester gas-to-electricity systems with a power generation capacity of 50 kW or greater. These systems are fueled by digester gas from manure or agricultural, food, or other wastes.

Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®

Offers income-qualified homeowners in New York State a comprehensive, whole-house approach to improving energy efficiency and home comfort while saving money.


Accelerates the use electric vehicles by making infrastructure such as charging stations more available, easier to use, and more economically viable in New York State.

Clean Energy Certifications and Accreditation Program

Supports energy efficiency and renewable energy training program accreditation, solar electric company accreditation, and solar electric and solar thermal installer certifications.

Clean Energy Workforce Development

Supports a broad range of renewable energy and energy efficiency education and training programs aimed at creating an experienced workforce to support New York State’s growing clean energy economy.

Clean Transportation Program

Supporting development, demonstration, and deployment of innovative transportation technologies and strategies that increase fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Cleaner, Greener Communities

Encourages communities to develop and scale-up sustainability practices that reduce carbon emissions through projects and methods that increase energy efficiency and renewable energy use.

Combined Heat and Power Program

Promotes installation of clean, efficient, and commercially available combined heat and power (CHP) systems and support systems of all sizes with pre-approved vendors and a catalog of system options.

Commercial Implementation Assistance Program

Offers financial support to implement advanced, system-based energy efficiency, or deep energy-savings projects at commercial and institutional facilities. Facilities can apply for this funding after they have applied for assistance from their utility companies.

Commercial New Construction Program

Provides technical assistance and support to design teams and building owners involved in building energy-efficient structures in New York State.

Community Energy Resource

Your local Community Energy Resource is one of 12 constituency-based organizations (CBOs) in New York State that can help homeowners, small businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and multifamily building owners to cut energy waste, save money, and live or work more comfortably. NYSERDA’s CBO partners are dedicated to helping New Yorkers save money and live or work more comfortably.

Contractor Delivery Channel - Become a Contractor

Find out if your company can qualify and benefit from delivering NYSERDA programs. NYSERDA works with various partners and contractors to offer solutions that can help reduce energy usage and costs for residents, businesses, institutions, and municipal and nonprofit organizations in New York State. Participation requirements vary by program.

Demand Management Program

Helps businesses optimize energy usage, manage costs, and reduce system-coincident peak demand by providing support and technical assistance for the best energy solutions. Con Edison electric customers in New York City and Westchester are eligible.

Emerging Technologies and Accelerated Commercialization in the Multifamily Sector

Speeds the adoption of underused technologies by testing them in real-world multifamily-building situations. The program provides financial support and encourages productive collaboration between stakeholders including consumers, building owners, architects, ENERGY STAR® builders, research organizations, and technology developers.

Emerging Technology Demonstration Projects in the Residential Sector

Speeds the adoption of underused technologies by testing them in real-world residential situations. The program provides financial support and encourages productive collaboration between stakeholders including consumers, building owners, architects, ENERGY STAR® builders, research organizations, and technology developers.

EmPower New York

Offers no-cost energy efficiency services such as insulation, air sealing, energy efficient light bulbs, and replacement of an inefficient refrigerator and freezer to low-income (such as HEAP-eligible) homeowners and renters.

Energy Codes Training and Support Initiative

Provides free and low-cost training and support services to municipal code officials, design professionals, energy professionals and members of the construction trades, all designed to improve compliance with and enforcement of the Energy Code.

Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Program

Guides early-stage companies through specific projects and issues, such as staffing for growth, budget management, resource planning, strategic partnering and board management. Entrepreneurs-in-Residence are seasoned executives that share experience, skills and acquired knowledge with early-stage companies.

Environmental Research Program

Supports monitoring and assessment of environmental conditions, informs policy, and fosters technological innovation related to energy use and production.

Flexible Technical Assistance Program

Offers cost-shared technical services to help businesses operating in New York State make smart energy decisions. A dedicated team of engineers, technology experts, and energy consultants works with customers to create a customized assessment that identifies specific opportunities for reducing energy consumption and costs.

Fuel Cell Program

Supports the installation of fuel cells for businesses, hospitals, multifamily buildings, and other large power consumers. Fuel cells convert natural gas to a hydrogen-rich fuel that is combined with atmospheric oxygen in an electrochemical process to produce electricity, heat, and water.

Home Energy Efficiency Programs

Designed to help New York State residents reduce energy waste and lower their energy bills. Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® and Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® provide a comprehensive, whole-house approach to improving energy efficiency and home comfort while saving money. EmPower New York provides free energy efficiency upgrades at no-cost to income eligible households.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®

Offers homeowners in New York State a comprehensive, whole-house approach to improving energy efficiency and home comfort while saving money.

Industrial and Process Efficiency Program

Provides support to manufacturers and data centers for implementation of energy and process efficiency projects that improve processes, increase manufacturing output, improve information technology efficiency, and minimize energy use in building support systems.

Industrial and Process Efficiency Program - Data Centers

Offers support to improve energy efficiency and IT productivity projects in data centers.

Industrial and Process Efficiency Program - Manufacturers

Offers support to improve energy efficiency and process efficiency improvements in manufacturing.

Low-Income Forum on Energy (LIFE)

Brings together organizations and individuals committed to addressing the challenges and opportunities facing low-income New Yorkers as they seek safe, affordable, and reliable energy.

Multifamily Performance Program: Existing Buildings

Offers support to owners, facility managers, and condo/co-op boards of multifamily buildings with five or more units who want to make their existing buildings more energy-efficient.

Multifamily Performance Program: New Construction

Offers support for constructing energy-efficient, multifamily structures with five or more units to building owners and developers, of multifamily buildings.

New York Generation Attribute Tracking System (NYGATS)

Records information about electricity generated, imported, and consumed within New York State. It can also issue, track, and manage energy attribute certificates and renewable energy credits (RECs).

New York State Strategic Fuel Reserve

Allows prequalified fuel distributors to access gasoline and diesel reserves and provide these fuels to emergency responders and other entities during a declared State energy emergency.

NY Green Bank

NY Green Bank is a state-sponsored, specialized financial entity working in partnership with the private sector to increase investments into New York’s clean energy markets, creating a more efficient, reliable and sustainable energy system.

NY Prize

NY Prize is a first-in-the-nation $40 million competition designed to engage communities in creating microgrids and other local energy networks that can function separately from the utility grid.

NY Truck Voucher Incentive Program

Accelerates the market acceptance of advanced vehicle technologies in the commercial truck and bus sectors.

On-Bill Recovery Financing Program

Allows loans for energy efficiency improvements to be repaid through energy savings on the customer’s electric and gas utility bill.

Portable Emergency Generator Program

Offers support to help retail gas stations in designated strategic locations that want to improve their back-up power capacity so they can remain open during major storms. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Fuel NY initiative strives to ensure that that New Yorkers including first responders and emergency personnel have access to gasoline before and after a severe storm or other major weather event.

Renewable Heat NY

Supports the installation of high-efficiency, low emission wood heating technology for residential, municipal, and commercial buildings. These advanced technology heating systems enable consumers to use local wood pellets and cordwood as fuel in a cleaner way. Technologies include stoves and pellet and cordwood boilers with thermal storage, many of which are made right here in New York State.

Renewable Portfolio Standard Main Tier

Supports multiple, large-scale renewable energy generation. Technologies include landfill gas, biomass, hydroelectric and wind.

Residential Financing Options

Residential Financing offers two loan options for energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements to NY State homeowners.

Residential New Construction (Low-rise)

Supports new construction or gut-rehab of an existing space to provide residents with energy savings and comfort. Support is available to participating builders who construct single-family homes or multi-unit residential projects that meet the New York ENERGY STAR® Certified Homes standard, including homes designed to achieve net-zero energy performance. Income-qualified homebuyers may be eligible for additional support.

REV Campus Challenge

Recognizes and supports colleges and universities in New York State that implement clean energy projects and principles on campus, in the classroom, and in surrounding communities.

Small Business and Not-for-Profit Financing

Works with lenders statewide to provide eligible small businesses and not-for-profit organizations with access to low-interest energy efficiency project financing.

Small Commercial Energy Assessments

Offers free energy assessments for small businesses and not-for-profit organizations to help them identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency and recommend improvements to reduce energy costs.

Small Wind Turbine Program

Provides support for installing small wind turbines in size up to 2 MW per site. The program offers assistance with qualified equipment with a proven track record installed by eligible installers. Support is based on the estimated annual output of the behind-the-meter turbine, at the proposed site, as determined by computer modeling.

Smart Grid Program

Represents public-private partnership geared toward systematic modernization of the electric grid. Designing and implementing technologies and strategies to improve the reliability, resiliency, efficiency, security, and overall performance of the electric power delivery system in New York State.

Solar Electric Program (NY-Sun)

Provides incentives and financing to make solar-generated electricity accessible and affordable for all New York homeowners, renters, and businesses. Using solar can help lower energy costs compared to using conventionally generated electricity. Additional program components include training for installers and public officials, standardized permitting processes, and consumer education.

Solar Hot Water (Thermal) Program

Provides support for solar hot water technology, which uses the heat in sunlight to preheat domestic hot water. Under the CEF, this program is now available regardless of how you currently heat your water (fuel neutral).