2010 Closed Opportunities

  • PON 0004 [PDF]
    Energy Conservation Study ARRA Assistance
  • PON 6 [PDF|9.1 MB]
    Lifestyles Center Development at the Saratoga Technology + Energy Park® (STEP)
  • RFP 10 [PDF]
    Implementation Funding for Small Municipalities American Recovery and Reinvestments Act (ARRA)
  • RFP 0012 [PDF|10.9 MB]
    Operations and Maintenance Support for the West Valley Site Managements Program (WVSMP)
  • RFQL 19 [PDF]
    Commercial Real Estate Broker Services, 10 Hermes Rd., Malta, NY STEP
  • PON 1098 [PDF]  
    On-Site Wind Turbine Incentive Program Program Opportunity Notice (PON) 1098 $300,000 Available
  • RFP 1308 [PDF]
    CHP Data Integration System Operation and Support
  • RFP 1523 [PDF]
    Assistance Services to Support the New York Energy $martSM New Construction Program
  • RFP 1568 [PDF]
    New York Energy $martSM Communities (E$C) Program
  • PON 1616  [PDF]
    School bus Idling Reduction Program for Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess Counties, Round 2
  • PON 1641 [PDF]
    Ultraviolet Light and Electronic Beam process Innovation and Market Transformation
  • RFP 1666 [PDF]
    Clean Diesel: Best Available Technology Non-Road Clearinghouse - Construction Applications
  • RFP 1685 [PDF]
    Consumer Education Program for Residential Energy Efficiency (CEPREE)
  • RFP 1720 [PDF]
    Energy Code Compliance Assessment
  • RFP 1775 [PDF]
    Technical Assistance Contractor for Biomimicry
  • RFP 1782 [PDF]
    FlexTech Consultant Selection - Statewide Services
  • RFP 1809 [PDF]
    General Evaluation Assistance Contractor
  • PON 1817 [PDF]
    Energy Efficiency Career Pathways Training and Technical Training
  • RFP 1851 [PDF]
    Renewable Portfolio Standard Program Purchase of Renewable Energy Attributes
  • RFP 1861 [PDF|2.2 MB]
    Conduct Comprehensive LiDAR Mapping and Aerial Orthophotography for the Buttermilk Creek Watershed and the Western New York Nuclear Service Center
  • RFP 1885 [PDF|8.4 MB]
    Environmental Monitoring Support Services for the State-Licensed Disposal Area (SDA) and the Western New York Nuclear Service Center (WNYNSC)
  • RFP 1893 [PDF]
    Property Liability and Other Insurance
  • RFP 1909 [PDF]
    Technical Review Services to Support Industrial and Process Efficiency Program
  • RFP 1923 [PDF]
    Financial Advisor Services
  • RFQL 1926 [PDF]
    DG-CHP Remote Monitoring Data Acquisition Services
  • PON 1931 [PDF]
    Distributed Generation as Combined Heat and Power
  • RFP 1958 [PDF]
    Environmental R&D: Enhanced Program Outreach and Science - Policy Integration
  • PON 2011 [PDF]
    Solar Thermal Training
  • RFP 2034 [PDF]
    Green Jobs Green New York: Curriculum Inventory, Assessment and Curriculum Updates
  • PON 2045 [PDF]
    Advanced Transportation Technologies
  • PON 2058 [PDF]
    New York City Private Fleet Diesel Retrofit Program
  • RFQL 2059 [PDF]
    Saratoga Technology + Energy Park (STEP) Engineering, Design and Consulting Services [PDF]
  • RFP 2062 [PDF]
    Enhancing State Government Energy Assurance Capabilities and Planning
  • PON 2078 [PDF]
    Low Carbon Transportation Alternatives
  • RFP 2080 [PDF]
    Green Jobs - Green New York Training and Implementation Contractor
  • RFP 2087 [PDF]
    Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) Technical Assistance
  • RFP 2128 [PDF]
    Common Protocols and Best Practices for Using Process Evaluation
  • PON 2138 [PDF]
    Renewable Portfolio Standard for Customer-Sited Tier Anaerobic Digester Gas-to-Electricity Program
  • RFP 2151 [PDF]
    Outside Legal Counsel Services