2008 Closed Opportunities

  • RFQ 925 [PDF]
    Financing for Assisted Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®  
  • RFP 1076 [PDF]
    Energy Smart Focus Program 
  • PON 1097 [PDF]
    Peak Load Reduction Program
  • PON 1101 [PDF|2.9 MB]
    Enhanced Commercial/Industrial Performance Program
  • PON 1124 [PDF]
    Clean-Energy Business Growth & Development
  • PON 1158 [PDF]
    School Bus Idling Reduction Demonstration Program for Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess Counties
  • RFP 1162 [PDF]
    Saratoga Technology + Energy Park® and Other Real Estate Legal Issues
  • PON 1164 [PDF]
    Advanced Sensors and Controls for Building and Industrial Applications
  • PON 1166 [PDF]
    Building Products and Systems
  • PON 1171 [PDF]
    Municipal Water and Wastewater Research, Development and Demonstration Program
  • PON 1178 [PDF]
    Distributed Generation as Combined Heat and Power
  • PON 1181 [PDF]
    Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation, and Protection (EMEP) Program: Climate Change
  • PON 1184 [PDF]
    School Power... Naturally Program Upgrade and Expansion  
  • RFP 1186 [PDF]
    Professional Services for the Sale of Emissions Allowances
  • RFP 1187 [PDF]
    Exterior Lighting Purchase and Installation at STEP
  • RFP 1188 [PDF]
    New York Energy $martSM Communities Program
  • PON 1190 [PDF]
    Industrial Process & Product Innovation (IPPI)
  • RFP 1191 [PDF|16.1 MB]
    Engineering Services in Support of Erosion Control and General Engineering
  • PON 1195 [PDF]
    Development of New Biofuels, Bioproducts and Feedstock in New York State
  • RFP 1203 [PDF]
    Supplemental Marketing Assistance for Energy Efficiency Services (EES) Programs
  • RFQL 1205 [PDF]
    STEP: Professional Architectural Services New Facade for 10 Hermes Road
  • PON 1206 [PDF]
    Data Center and Server Efficiency
  • PON 1207 [PDF]
    Solid-State Lighting Research, Development, Demonstration & Standards/Enabling Activities
  • PON 1208 [PDF]
    Electric Power and Distribution (EPTD) Program
  • RFP 1211 [PDF]
    Comprehensive Media Placement Services
  • PON 1213 [PDF]
    New York city Private Fleet Program
  • PON 1215 [PDF]
    Next Generation and emerging Technologies for Residential Buildings
  • PON 1216 [PDF]
    Early Stage Support for Development of Renewable and Clean Energy
  • PON 1217 [PDF]
    Advanced Energy Systems for New York City Passenger Mass Transit
  • RFP 1220 [PDF]
    Grid Impact of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • PON 1223 [PDF]
    Advanced Transportation Technologies 
  • RFQ 1225 [PDF|12.2 MB]
    Printing Services
  • RFP 1242 [PDF|9.2MB]
    Signage and Wayfinding Program Construction
  • RFP 1244 [PDF|27.8 MB]
    STEP - HVCC TEC-SMART Construction Manager
  • RPF 1246 [PDF|3.3 MB]
    STEP - HVCC TEC-SMART Building Design Services
  • RFP 1249  [PDF]  
    Development of a Renewable Fuels Roadmap and Sustainable Biomass Feedstock Study for New York
  • RFP 1251  [PDF]
    STEP Infrastructure Improvements
  • RFP 1258  [PDF|3.3 MB]
    STEP Master Planning Services Saratoga Technology + Energy Park®, Malta, NY
  • RFP 1262  [PDF]
    STEP Forest Management Services Saratoga Technology + Energy Park®, Malta, NY
  • RFQ 1265 [PDF]
    Eval Advisory Services
  • RFP 1281 [PDF]
    Property Management Services - 10 Hermes Road and the Saratoga Technology + Energy Park®