The New York State Cleantech Innovation Ecosystem: Bringing Cleantech to Market

Clean energy innovations come to life in New York State. We have the resources to take ideas from concept to commercialization right here, right now. We have much more than just one high-tech corridor or single incubator region. New York State and NYSERDA have a broad and sustained commitment to helping inventors, innovators and investors bring clean energy technology to market. This vibrant cleantech ecosystem means real-world impact.

As Governor Andrew M. Cuomo has stated, “With our central location, our wealth of resources, our unequalled network of colleges and universities, and our diverse, innovative, educated and hard-working residents, New York is a premier place for businesses to invest and grow.” Nowhere is this truer than with cleantech innovation.

See how New York State Measures Up by the Numbers

The New York State (NYS) Clean Energy Technologies Innovation Metrics report tracks the successful development of the NYS cleantech industrial base and innovation system.

Supporting What’s Essential for Innovation and Business Success

Capitalizing on more than 30 years of working with clean energy companies, the Innovation and Business Development team at NYSERDA understands what resources, or Growth Essentials, you need to move from early phase development through successful product commercialization.

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We support mentoring programs that help you navigate the funding challenge, learn to identify funding sources appropriate to each stage in your company’s growth and find out what you need to do to secure financial backing.

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The Cleantech Executives program creates a transition path to introduce experienced executives and entrepreneurs to opportunities in the clean energy industry in New York State. Other mentoring programs include the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program at High Tech Rochester and six clean energy business incubators strategically located in cleantech clusters across the State.

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NYSERDA has a core capability in technology and product development across energy sectors. Through a variety of program offerings, NYSERDA can help you develop your technology from bench scale through commercialization. We can also help you access the resources of New York State’s economic and regional development centers.

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NYSERDA supports innovative online networks such as cleantechNYconnect.comLink opens in new window - close new window to return to this page. and others. NYSERDA also supports cleantech business development events, throughout the year, across the State.

When Resources Come Together, Great Things Happen

New York State is a hotbed for powerful connections at every phase of clean energy exploration, funding, manufacturing and marketing—making this the go-to market for interstate and intrastate partnerships and sourcing:

Entrepreneurs and Inventors can find the capital and talent for R&D, and the business partners to navigate policy and process they need to get to market. In fact, New York continued to hold the top ranking in the 2011 State Entrepreneurship Index published by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors can identify viable concepts backed by extraordinary R&D, academic and world-class manufacturing resources.

Colleges and Universities can turn brain power into buying power to continue our State’s leadership in patents, business incubation and commercial/academic partnership.

Bold Startups and Proven World Players can find the funding, talent, and partnerships they need to advance cleantech manufacturing in New York State. In fact:

  • In 2010, NYS ranked 3rd in the nation for high tech employment with 294,700 workers across 20, 700 establishments according to TechAmerica Foundation 2011.
  • NYS ranks 4th nationally in number (270) of cleantech companies according to the Cleantech Group.
  • NYS ranks 2nd nationally in cleantech patents and the number of cleantech patents registered each year is on the rise including being the top inventor for wind energy patents for the last three years.1

1) Source: “New York State Clean Energy Technologies Innovation Metrics 2012.” May 2013.

Innovation & Business Development Program 1-page Overview Brochure [PDF|4.62MB]

Innovation & Business Development Program 2-page Overview Brochure [PDF]

Innovation & Business Development Program Full Overview Brochure [PDF|4.34MB]

Last Updated: 09/29/2014
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