Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Acceleration

The Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Acceleration Program provides incentives for the installation of prequalified and conditionally qualified CHP systems by approved CHP system vendors in the size range 50 kW – 1.3 MW. To be eligible for incentive payments, the installation site must pay the System Benefits Charge (SBC) surcharge on their electric bill, or be located within New York City or Westchester County and the CHP system will be fueled by natural gas that is subject to the SBC surcharge on the gas bill.

NYSERDA will accept applications only from approved CHP system vendors and all incentive payments will be made to the CHP system vendors. Site owners interested in installing CHP systems should review the CHP Acceleration Program CHP System Catalog [PDF] for descriptions of eligible CHP systems and vendors. All of the CHP systems in the catalog can run every day to save energy and save money. All of these systems can also run during grid outages to provide electric power to the site’s priority loads.

How to Apply

Apply now through Program Opportunity Notice (PON) 2568.

Vendors interested in pre-qualifying packaged Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems should see RFI 2568.

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