Cleaner, Greener Communities Program

Empowering Regions to Create More Sustainable Development and Encourage Smart Growth Practices

See Your Region’s Plan for Sustainability

All ten regions across New York State were awarded funding through the Cleaner, Greener Communities program to develop regional sustainability plans.

Find the plan for your region.

Building a more sustainable New York starts by building more sustainable communities. That’s why NYSERDA is offering Cleaner, Greener Communities grant funding to private developers, local governments, nonprofit organizations and other public and private entities.

How the Program Works

The primary goal of the program is to encourage communities to create public-private partnerships and develop regional sustainable growth strategies in such areas as emissions control, energy efficiency, renewable energy, low-carbon transportation, and other carbon reductions.

Phase I of CGC provided funding to the 10 Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) regions in NYS for the development of Regional Sustainability Plans.

Phase II is a $90 million effort to fund implementation of large-scale, high-profile projects that support the goals of each region’s sustainability planning efforts.

Download the Cleaner, Greener Communities Fact Sheet [PDF]