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Strategic Plan

NYSERDA is committed to partnering with businesses, industries, and residents to invest in innovative, environmentally friendly, energy-efficient technologies. This three-year strategic plan, Toward a Clean Energy Future: A Three-Year Strategic Outlook [PDF|11.2 MB], presents an overview of and outlook for NYSERDA's programs and services that are helping put the State on a path toward greater energy self-sufficiency, improved energy efficiency, smart economic growth, and a cleaner environment.

The Strategic Plan includes:

  • NYSERDA's Mission, Expected Outcomes and Long Term Vision.
  • Strategic planning context including State policy imperatives.
  • Strategic Initiatives for the planning period.
  • A discussion of priorities for each NYSERDA program portfolio during 2013–2016.
  • NYSERDA funding sources and allocations.
  • Accomplishments from the last planning year.
  • Proposed future benefits of NYSERDA program activities.
  • NYSERDA’s organizational and operational means of achieving these goals.

NYSERDA's partnerships with its customers and other energy funding organizations support its efforts to achieve four mission outcomes:

  1. the efficient use of energy
  2. diverse and renewable energy supplies
  3. a clean energy economy
  4. a cleaner environment
Last Updated: 02/26/2014