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Solar/PV Case Studies

Owens Corning

Constellation Installs 2.7-MW Ground-Mounted Solar Array at Owens Corning Plant. Solar power is expected to provide approximately 6% of the electricity used annually at Owens Corning’s Feura Bush plant.

Read the Owens Corning Case Study.

Greenhill Contracting

Anthony Aebi is building homes of the future right now in Hudson Valley. These new homes are designed to be highly efficient, incorporate solar photovoltaic (PV) as well as geothermal technologies, and are competitively priced with conventionally built homes of similar size in the area. But a big attraction for homeowners goes beyond environmental stewardship.

Read the Greenhill Contracting Case Study.

GAL Manufacturing

In 1927, a German immigrant started GAL Manufacturing Corp., a company that makes elevator parts near Yankee Stadium in New York City for customers around the world. And Paul Seifried, GAL’s Vice President, wants the 85-year old family business to be pioneering rather than “old school” about energy. To cut costs associated with electricity and improve the Bronx neighborhood and the environment, the company looked into installing a rooftop solar array.

Read the GAL Manufacturing Case Study.

Dykes Lumber Company

Dykes Lumber Company incorporates the sun across its business. The lumber and building materials company has been serving New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania for more than 100 years. Aside from depending on sun to help grow trees for lumber, the company had started to use the sun to power two locations in New Jersey (Aberdeen and Weehauken).

Read the Dykes Lumber Case Study.

Last Updated: 05/30/2014