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Technical questions should be directed to the appropriate project managers. The main NYSERDA phone number is toll-free 1-866-NYSERDA or local (518) 862-1090; extensions and e-mail addresses for the project managers are listed below.

RFP 3014
New York State Generation Attribute Tracking System (NYGATS)

This solicitation will provide funding to institutions such as BOCES, two-and four-year colleges, labor and trade groups, and accreditation and certification organizations for the facilitation of workforce education in clean energy technology areas.

M. Goyette
Phone: Ext. 3506

December 2014

PON 3016
Plug-In Electric vehicle (PEV) Enabling Technology Demonstration Program

The Plug-in Electric Vehicle (PEV)-Enabling Technology Demonstration Program, PON 3016, will solicit research and demonstration proposals to demonstrate new technologies and strategies that help make PEVs more desirable for consumers and more economically viable while lowering their impact on the electric grid and environment. It will focus on demonstrating new combinations of technologies and conducting feasibility studies of new policies and strategies for PEV deployment and education or outreach efforts to educate key stakeholders about PEV technologies. Potential projects include demonstrations of PEVs participating in demand response programs, innovative business models that incorporate new revenue streams, low-cost charging station installations, and policy studies investigating new rate structures for utilities to encourage PEVs and charging stations.

A. Ruder
Phone: Ext. 3411

December 2014

RFI 2743
Offshore Wind Energy Information Needs in the Atlantic Ocean

NYSERDA is seeking recommendations that identify study activities which would provide information that improves stakeholder understanding of offshore wind development activities and potential effects with regard to the possible sitting and operation of wind turbines in Atlantic Ocean waters south of NY City and Long Island.

J. Roeth
Phone: Ext. 3301

2nd Quarter 2015

RFP 2801
Implementation & Support Services for the CST Standard Offer PV and Solar Thermal Programs

This object of this solicitation is to competitively select a statewide program implementation and support contractor for the CST Standard Offer PV and Solar Thermal (ST) Programs.

J. Quirk
Phone: Ext. 3200

December 2014

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