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Upcoming Funding Opportunities, PONs, RFPs, and RFQs

Technical questions should be directed to the appropriate project managers. The main NYSERDA phone number is toll-free 1-866-NYSERDA or local (518) 862-1090; extensions and e-mail addresses for the project managers are listed below.

RFP 2964
Race2Zero Consulting Services

This RFP will seek proposals for professional consulting services to support design and planning of a statewide Zero Net Energy (ZNE) contest for colleges and universities.

S. Finkle
Phone: Ext. 3505

June 2014

RFP 2965
Upstate New York Strategic Fuels Reserve Program

The objective of this solicitation is to implement and Upstate Strategic Fuels Reserve (SFR) that would create physical reserves of gasoline and diesel fuel at approximately eight geographic locations, including services to purchase, store and manage these fuels, and services to assist in the distribution of fuel to emergency responders in the Upstate region for purposes of it being made available in times of an energy emergency.

M. Milford
Phone: Ext. 3416

June 2014

PON 2941
Climate Change Adaptation and Modeling

The purpose of this PON is to seek proposals for projects that address research needs and information gaps related to New York State's ability to adapt to climate change impacts and to model or predict impacts of climate change for New York. A separate category will focus on the buildings sector to address a gap in the 2011 ClimAID study which will solicit proposals to identify the vulnerabilities to climate change of the buildings sector in New York, as well as potential adaptation strategies that could enhance resiliency under the projected future climate changes.

A. Stevens
Phone: Ext. 3325

June 2014

PON 2930
Technical and Logistic Support for the CHP Acceleration Program

This solicitation will result in the selection of one or more contractors to 1) manage the logistics of a series of CHP Expos and other events aimed at promoting the program with building owners and property managers, 2) provide technical assistance to advise building owners and property managers with selecting these systems, and 3) provide technical advice to guide NYSERDA's ongoing refinements of the program.

D. Thacher,
E. Kear
Phone: Ext. 3603, 3269

April 2014

PON 2927
Transformative Technologies for Energy-Efficient Manufacturing (TTEEM)

This solicitation will support the demonstration of transformative technologies that deliver manufacturing process-energy and greenhouse gas (GHG) savings for NYS industry and promote in-State development and demonstration of energy- and GHG-saving technologies that transform manufacturing processes.

M. Pye,
D. Thacher,
S. Larsen
Phone: Ext. 3370,3603, 3208

June 2014 and January 2015

PON 2912
Acid Deposition and Mercury Research in New York State

This PON will support projects that will improve the State's understanding of environmental issues related to electricity generation, specifically acid deposition, and mercury pollution.

G. Lampman
Phone: Ext. 3372

May, 2014

PON 2852
NYSERDA Energy Code Training and Support Website

The object of this solicitation is to manage the Website's daily operation; build new content specific to the next iteration of the Energy Conservation Construction Code of NYS based on IECC 2012 and future editions that take effect during the contract period; develop and implement a marketing strategy to attract users; and provide Website support to customers.

M. Kaplan
Phone: Ext. 3298

December 31, 2016

RFI 2743
Offshore Wind Energy Information Needs in the Atlantic Ocean

NYSERDA is seeking recommendations that identify study activities which would provide information that improves stakeholder understanding of offshore wind development activities and potential effects with regard to the possible sitting and operation of wind turbines in Atlantic Ocean waters south of NY City and Long Island.

J. Roeth
Phone: Ext. 3301

Fall 2014

RFP 2801
Implementation & Support Services for the CST Standard Offer PV and Solar Thermal Programs

This object of this solicitation is to competitively select a statewide program implementation and support contractor for the CST Standard Offer PV and Solar Thermal (ST) Programs.

J. Quirk
Phone: Ext. 3200

Spring 2014

PON 2844
ETAC-CI: Demonstrations of Underused Technologies and Innovative Strategies

The objective of this solicitation is to select and support large-scale demonstrations of under-used energy-efficient technologies, demonstrations of innovative tools and strategies for energy savings in commercial and institutional facilities, and deep energy savings pilot projects.

E. Hanna
Phone: Ext. 3358

August and
November 2014

RFP 2694
Energy Code Support Services For Municipalities

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) seeks proposals to provide a range of services targeting municipalities and other stakeholders with the goal of improving compliance with and enforcement of the Energy Conservation Construction Code of New York State (Energy Code), including code amendments that take effect during the contract period. It is expected that New York State will adopt a new Energy Code based on the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) in 2014, with separate schedules for the Commercial and Residential provisions. This RFP is intended to support New York State’s energy efficiency goals by providing Energy Code education and support to a variety of audiences comprising the design, enforcement, and construction marketplace.

C. Sgroi
Phone: Ext. 3373

Spring 2014

RFP 2646
Oversight Contractor for Behavioral Demonstrations Program

This solicitation will provide independent third party implementation oversight for the Behavioral Demonstration projects selected under the Behavioral Demonstration Program.

S. Cardona,
Phone: Ext. 3590

May, 2014

Last Updated: 06/23/2014