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RFQ 2928 New York State Strategic Gasoline Reserve Prequalified Purchaser Program (Downstate Region)


This RFQL will prequalify potential purchasers of fuel from the SGR (Downstate Region) so as to expedite the sales and distribution of fuel in the event of a disruption of fuel supplies and a declaration by New York State of an energy emergency. If released, the SGR fuel, in the form of finished motor gasoline, including ethanol, will be made available by and through NYSERDA at Northville’s Holtsville truck rack facility. Gasoline will be made available for sale to eligible prequalified gasoline distributors during declared energy emergencies in which commercial supplies of gasoline are disrupted. For this Program, access to Northville’s Holtsville truck rack facility will only be permitted to qualified gasoline distributors who have a properly executed Terminal Access Agreement with Northville prior to the emergency declaration. The determination of sale, allocation volumes, prices and other potential requirements will be made by NYSERDA, and will be made available at the time of a declaration of sale.

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