PON 2844 Emerging Technologies and Accelerated Commercialization Commercial/ Institutional Program (ETAC-CI) – Large-Scale Demonstrations


The ETAC-CI Program supports market adoption of commercially available yet under-used energy-saving and load-reduction strategies or technologies in commercial, institutional, and non-process-related industrial settings. This solicitation will fund large-scale and high-impact demonstrations of these strategies and technologies. Large-scale and high-impact demonstrations will showcase solutions and strategies that address barriers to broad market acceptance of underused technologies and strategies. Successful projects must be replicable, leading to expanded market share across New York.

Proposals are sought in the following categories:

  • Category A. Strategy Demonstrations – demonstrations of innovative strategies, including pilot programs, or tools that offer promise for energy efficiency program administrators and energy practitioners
  • Category B. Technology Demonstrations – demonstrations of commercially available energy efficiency and load management systems or technologies that are not in widespread use

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